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    "History as a point of reference for charting the course ahead is obsolete. Soon absolutes will become mere variables. New Tools are needed to prepare for the times ahead.

    Futurlogics is and expanding spiral of thought to organize and systemize all the principles of thinking future through DMP. . . .

    Predicting, preparing, and planning with the understanding gained through reading this handbook will liberate the mind to think as it should. ” ~Futurlogics 1983

    After the guessing game, begin reviewing known historical facts, legends, writings on the subject of the session, realizing of course, that the past is not history. This may establish the motives for the research. Now, in this review, point out any repetition(s) that will forecast the future or establish trends.

    Futurlogics defines the following words cycle, mode, model:

      A cycle is a thought routine.

      A mode is a deductive thought routine.

      A model is an inductive thought routine.

    (A History of the past gives meaning and tradition. Futurlogics retrospective cycle generates the retrospective mode which produces the absolute future or solution. This cycle is very defensive of “obsolete ideas” and has the effect of volitional restriction, which blunts the creative edge. These expressions are usually so called “proven ideas.”)

    Study Subjects for the Future-minded in the Absolute Future.

    • Parental Influences, Tradition, Inheritance.

    • Social Memes or Viral Changes in Society.

    • Educational Agendas.

    • Economic Differences Impact i.e. “follow the money” "Track the Gold"

    • Social Pressures, Conformity, Individuality.

    • Language Patterns, Communications role in change mechanics.

    • Group Thinking vs. Personal Thinking.