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Futurlogics uses an intuitive guess?

    FUTURLOGICS is a MOS or (M)ind (O)perating (S)ystem 
    What is a MOS?
    In computer science an OS is an acronym for (O)perating (S)ystem.  
    An Operating System provides a base to put various apps or applications to execute.  
    The Mind/Brain also needs an Operating System upon which we can function with
    what we know now or what we shall know.  It is how we apply our knowledge either
    upon knowledge itself or upon the things we know about.  It is theory in action.
    Simply a MOS is the theme upon which we execute our methods or praxis.
    1. Practical application or exercise of a branch of learning.
    2. Habitual or established practice; custom.
    1. (Social Science / Education) the practice and practical side 
    of a profession or field of study, as reduced from theory
    2. (Social Science / Education) a practical exercise
    3. accepted practice or custom
    Origin Greek: deed, action, from prassein to do]
    Some say that prediction of the future is just a guess.  Taking this postulate to
    it's extreme let us look at the operation of the human guess.
    Can one guess like an explosion in sheer randomness.  Of course random with no 
    shaping or influences, is only an imaginary event.  Yet imagination has “fluences.”
    (Weibull Distribution) And there bouncing off each other, an object or an act, 
    interact even if, it is against each other in the mix of things. Learning to guess
    is the art of deep thinking.
    There is in the mix of things these types of guesses and more:
         educated guess
         prosaic guess
         common sense guess
         biased guess
         preconditioned guess
         ignorant guess
         knowledgeable guess
         naïve guess
         expert guess
         studied evaluated guess
         lucky guess
         esp guess
         spiritural guess
         inspired guess
         denying guess
         pre-influenced guess
         random guess
         hysterical guess
         crazed guess
         “cooked” guess
         chaotic guess
         lustful guess
         hopeful guess
         blasphemous guess
         divine guess
         disparate guess
         calculated guess
         blind guess
         “dumb” guess
         gambled guess
         memory guess
         system guess
         intuitive guess
         insightful guess
         stupid guess
         human guess
         guessing games
         guessing based upon previous guess(es)
         swag (acronym)
    Guesses in school are controlled and students are not rewarded or are ridiculed
    for guessing in tests or when they offer ideas not always drawn from the assigned
    teaching and study.  Guessing is seen to be an evidence of poor preparation.  
    Never or seldom seen as ideas from intuitive and free association and insightful
    or intuitive feelings, structures, or approaches.  Discipline and order prevail.
    Chaos disturbs the teaching environment.
    We as living beings can not guess by shear randomness .  There is always 
    Weibull distribution in the human condition .  This is useful to the futurist 
    as it is clues to the methods used to futur.
    The purpose for futurlogics is to increase the hit success of our guessing.  
    So that guessing gains a greater respect or is authoritative and impressive 
    to  the skeptic with the accuracy.  It makes futuring more accurate.
    Funny Farm movie excerpt: 
         Moving guy: Hey Mac, which way to Redbud? 
         Mac: How'd you know my name was Mac? 
         Moving guy: Just guessed. 
         Mac: Then why don't you guess your way to Redbud. 
    Futurist guesses are influences by :
         . . .
    So it is all a guessing game, this area of study is commonly and collectively 
    known as futuring?  Well, it is and it isn't.  It is, because no one can predict 
    the future with any precision . . . . And it isn't just a guessing game, because
    there are methods and procedures that you may employ to minimize (if not 
    entirely end) the chances you will be caught flat footed when the future 
    arrives . . . . ~ from Bruce A. Shuman book BEYOND THE LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE 
    After the futurist has enough guesses.  The next step would be to categorize 
    them into such sample categories as: 
         Never happen, impossible.
         Never happen, possible
         May happen, possible
         . . .
         Highly Probable
         Future Reality
    Then the futurist offers various scenarios based upon the above categories.  
    Then the futurist ponders over the most suitable scenario(s); that is makes 
    Then the futurist “dry labs”  preparations, plans dependent upon the above 
    scenario(s) to proof the scenarios doing risk assessments vs reward 
    assessments.  This is the place for mind experiments and ROI analysis.
    Next tactical to strategic preparation/planning begins if it is a bottom up 
    style.  Or Strategic to tactical planning/preparations begins if it is top 
    down style.  Or Strategic to tactical and then tactical to strategic if is 
    is middle out style.
    Man is spiritual or Man is a product of the evolutionary processes, Inasmuch 
    as man is spiritual being ,  he is capable of considering, pondering, creating, 
    meditating thoughts on the future(s),  by abstraction through abstraction.  If 
    man is a product of evolution then when is his evolution finished and where is 
    it going.  Futur it.
    So what is the affect/effect of the continual study of the future as a total 
    abstraction upon the mind of man?
    This kind of study necessitates the ability and/or facility to handle or use 
    abstractions or abstract thoughts.  A MOS is needed to capacitate the mind to 
    handle abstraction.  Continual study of the future will build or create an MOS 
    or theory upon which a praxis or methods can be used.
    As in Money Creation futuring or future studies generally takes at least three 
    	a. Top down central planing, social collectively engineered and by 
    assigned commitment.  
    	b. Bottom up capital sovereignty, spontaneous inventive, free will 
    generation of monetary value or series of predictions.
    	c. Simultaneous top down / bottom up approach to the future.  May be 
    called middle out approach.
    Whether it is the "Lone Wolf" futurist or "fully accepted in a society" 
    futurist, all are budding prophets given enough time and opportunity to learn 
    the secrets of probing the future.
    Futurist grow in spurts as is evident by their breakthroughs.
    However, there are fundamental rules, guidelines or praxis to futuring.
    Be realistic the future will be real and subject to the most rigorous 
    scientific investigation as it arrives to be now.
    You must take plenty of time to forecast.
    Trust that there are true methods and models of research.
    Respect other's talents honestly and you will get respect back from your peer 
    group for their approval.
    Charity towards the beginner is how the future movement grows.
    Be proud enough and confident enough to present your findings for publications 
    or if you are a lone wolf futurist, self-publish as this effort in itself will 
    give personal growth and solidify your certainties.
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