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    Next after solid assumptions see what you can make happen or deliberately create now, by providing a conducive environment to free thought with a constructive nature. By this time we have considered, pondered, and are now creating. This is “fission and fusion” of ideas to get new ideas. This may require deep meditation.

    (Planning and preparation leverages the making or designing of the future. Futurlogics creative cycle generates the creative mode, which produces the synthetic future or solution. This is synthesis not analysis! Here is where ideas are reified. In other terms, this is the second creation: a bringing to temporal reality the plans and hopes of the future. This is in part a “right brain” approach.)

    Study Subjects for the Future-minded in the Synthetic Future.

    • Valuing, Honoring, Creativity and Genius.

    • Foremost Authorities in Research and their Value in Planning.

    • Recognizing How Revolutionary Ideas Form or Transform.

    • Respecting the Non Experts Perspective in Futuring the Future.

    • Deep Research and Casual Study.

    • Benefits of Research to Extend Life and Improve Health.

    • Respecting Power of Natural Forces Benefits Future-mindedness.

..What If