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    After Creation of Plans and Preparations, where is IT all going? Now envision the probable direction the discussion and discoveries will take this session. This mental technique is founded upon all five of the previous modes/models just outlined. (Predicting and prospective thinking uses ‘where is it all going’ type, to go farther. Futurlogics prospective cycle generates the prospective mode, which produces the paradigm future or solution. This is nurturing of the abstract ideas to see ahead. This is revisioning . This is where the ideas are projected further up the timeline. A strong vision will be of great use in the “six pyramids”) Author Thomas S. Kuhn, who is attributed to have given us the concept of “paradigm shift,” proposed that the catalyst to revolutionary change in science is the paradigm. This is discussed in his seminal paper “The Structure of Scientific Revolution.” In this paper, the very posit of science is under investigation, which simply stated is that objective observed facts, will cause knowledge to grow evenly, without subjective input being injected into the findings and research.

    Study Subjects for the Future-minded in the Paradigm Future.

    • Love of Truth.

    • Love of Knowledge.

    • Amount of Knowledge.

    • Strength of Consciousness enables Futuring the Future.

    • Diligence, Persistence, Perseverance.

    • Prediction, Foretelling, Prophecy.

    • Beware of False Certainty.