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    Next after the Imaginations flight conduct a “What IF?” session next and extend logically. This is the effect/affect of substitutions, to roll thought on to greater deliberation. This is essentially the process/perceptive technique of “VISIONING.” This maybe defined as “to ponder” or to weigh things out or to think with the heart. The word ponder comes from the Latin words “ponderare, pondus, ponderis” meaning “to weigh.” (Assumptions/faith gives us movement (food for thought,) and continuity in the face of the unknown; in other words at the frontiers. Futurlogics assumptive cycle generates the assumptive mode, which produces the artificial future or solution. These are “what if” extensions or extrapolations and imaginative associations. This is where experiments and risks are suspended, to see what probably will happen. Proofs can be generated by assuming certain things are true, for the sake of continuing the research. This is essentially a “dry lab” of the creative mode. Here is where hypothesizing takes place. In other terms, this is the first creation: a spiritual creation if you will.)

    Study Subjects for the Future-minded in the Artificial Future.

    • Emotional Attachment to “Visions”, Theories, Guesses . . . .

    • False Peer Reviews or No Peer Reviews.

    • Disregarding Insight and Intuition.

    • Proper Social Relationships vs. Clinical Approach.

    • Recognizing Hidden Value or Gold Mining Data.

    • Explaining Concepts in Simplicity is the Best Answer.

    • Premature Judgment vs. Waiting too Long.


..What If