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Definition of Futurlogics

A System of Prospective Thinking © 1983 © 2013

    Futuring:: noun: The mental consideration of the future as a concept,
    as a potential reality, and as all that is yet to be in actuality.

    Futur: verb: The activity of futuring.

      Futurus: Latin: for about to be, about to exist.

      Logic: Latin/Greek: for logic, rationale, reasoning, inference, sanity,
      system of reasoning: Aristotle's logic, mode of reasoning.

      Now defining by combining futur + logic + S creates the new word:


      There is an "S" in Futurlogics because there is plurality in the future, to a person or to the society, because of the choice or choices they make. A singular future with no detours is known only by God the Father and those Saints and Prophets He reveals this information. Since we are not HE or THEY, the future is dependent upon free will and agency. Futurlogics will always be plural with an S.

    FUTURLOGICS: Futurlogics is a MOS

    MOS: (M)ind (O)perating (S)ystem

    What is a MOS?  In computer science an OS is an acronym for (O)perating (S)ystem.  
    An Operating System provides a base to put various apps or applications to execute.  
    The Mind/Brain also needs an Operating System upon which we can function with 
    what we know.  It is how we apply our knowledge, either upon knowledge itself or upon 
    the things we know about. It is theory in action.  A MOS or (M)ind (O)perating (S)ystem 
    is the theme upon which we execute our methods or praxis.  

    FUTURLOGICS: Futurlogics is a Thinking System

    What is a Thinking System?  A thinking system is a memorized pattern or model guiding 
    the enterprise of thought.  It is trained metacognition that is either self-taught or externally 
    educated.  It is a schema.  It is the knowledge of how we think applied to thinking itself.
    If this memorized pattern is optimized, it become an "Artifical Intellegence" or AI of the 
    brain to increase intelligence itself.  If this memorized pattern is incomplete, intelligence is 
    decreased through poorly constructed mental subroutines negative habits.

    FUTURLOGICS: Futurlogics is a Mind Set explaining the following observations

      • Predicting the future is impossible only when perfection or accuracy is required.

      • The future as a study will heal many wounds of the past.

      • Make to yourself friends with the future and you will be free to discover how to think and gain knowledge.

      • Understanding the future what ever it is, is the final frontier of man.

      • The future is a mystery just in front of us.

      • If our children are our future, then our parents are our past. What shall we make of our now?

      • Seeking to understand the past develops the intellect; Seeking to understand the future develops intelligence; Seeking to understand the present expands awareness.

      • The future is a game we must all play.

      • Some parts of the future may never happen if one prepares.

      • Yogi Berra once said, "It's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future."

      • Current Events form future trends.
        ~Gerald Celente

      • "A focus on the future is relevant to all learners, regardless of age."
        ~Alvin Toffler 1974

      • "Any useful statement about the futures should appear to be ridiculus."
        ~Jim Dator University of Hawaii

      • "The future will always surprise us, but we must not let it dumbfound us."
        ~Kenneth Boulding