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This bio is done in request for my academic credentials for writing the futurlogics thinking system.  This is offered  as a 'you make the call type judgment.'

Personally I consider myself a jack of all trades and a master of FUTURLOGICS a system of prospective thinking:


I am an electricians son. Our house sometimes did not have electrical switches for many days. We just touched the wires together. Just as the shoemakers son does not have shoes I was raised in what was familiar. I was my father runner and knew every part and tool that was used by an electrician. So as a youngster I went with my father on contracting jobs to wire houses. I was able to learn like an apprentice, only I was family. I could tell the size of any screw or nut just by sight. Also, I knew where anything was in the truck I rode in to the work site. So my beginnings in the world of curiosity began as/in a construction zone. Have I forgotten these things? No they have formed my thinking.

School was always a secondary thing to me. The curriculum did not fit my interests. I read many things outside the school work; so much so that I neglected my assigned school work. I read such things as Creation Theory vs Evolution, Nuclear Physics, Calculus (Calculus was not offered in high school at that time. The fabulous 1950's) and many other interests that struck my fancy that was not school related. These outside interest dominated my curiosity, but not so much so that I failed classes but managed to get by. This was the pattern of learning that I established as a young boy and continued till the teenage years. At that time I was discovered or should I say uncovered because of tests that were part of the shock of the "sputnic" of Russian fame. The schools were evaluated to see if the USA had fallen behind in academic achievements. The school system was being evaluated for the next challenges of the coming decades. What happened is I performed extraordinarily well. In the math and physics achievement test I was evaluated in the 99.5 percentile, which caused a stir as this was the highest score in the high school. I was accused of cheating! Since, I was the highest, the question was who did I cheat from? But they did not tell me that. I was given another test that was for validation of scores and on that test I scored even higher. On the general academic tests I was in the top eight in the high school. This was a problem to the purpose of this America wide evaluation of the present school system as my grade point average was C- if that. It meant that I had slipped through the cracks in their Board of Education. You see I aimed to get by as I had things to think about and study on my own. Perhaps you see no wisdom in sacrifice of a grade point average for personal study, but who said that a teenager can think correctly at all times. So I graduated for High School with a C average and an IQ of 150 or so.

I could not get into college with that grade point average so I took more tests and did get in to the University of Utah. But I did not have focus and my English skills were very poor. Eventually the pattern of always getting by bit me in the rear. I was released due to poor academic performance. I really did not know what to do. I had to face facts for the first time in my academic world. I discovered no one cared a wit about what I was interested in as a student. I was interested in Futurlogics but I did not know it at the time. I began to keep a journal of thoughts about thoughts. Now, I know this is called today as metacognition studies. No such courses were available in those schools of that time. At least I found none. So a name was put to it at that time. I coined this my interest as "INVERMATRIX". Thus began the beginning of Futurlogics the name that was finally chosen. I am a mormon so in the midst of my academic failure I went to Australia on a two year mission. I kept up the journal and "the interest" in this invermatrix. I was ever puzzling on the possibilities of thinking about thinking and the method to improve the same. After this mission was finished, the United States Army was then next venue in my education. There I was trained in rifle lore and such. Also the radar operations and maintenance was part of my Military Occupation Specialty or MOS.

After the army stint I got married to a disaster. It lasted two years. Child support and the judgments of the court were my school now. I defied the court by enrolling in evening classes at the University of Utah but was curtailed immediately by a court order not to go to school. I defied this and was threatened with jail till I complied. I told the judge that I would not go to school to avoid jail and get another job to continue the child support. So this ended my reentry into the world of academia.

During all this emotional chaos I continued my notes taking and journal of the INVERMATRIX.

Eventually I married a beautiful Mexican girl who change my life. She saw all my myriad of notes and journal and said, "escribe libros" or "you are writing books." I said no I am continuing a research project I started in high school. She said "NO! YOU ARE WRITING A BOOK!" You have to finish this research. You have to turn it into something you must really complete it! I got the point. So eight years later in 1983 the book was finished. The cover of the book was to have a rainbow on it. But we could not afford it and also pay child support. But we got creative and made the clouds above the blue sky.

During all this esoteric work was the daily duties of making a living without the benefit of an education that would befit the aspirations that I entertained. Below is a short history or my work world.

I started work away from my fathers electrical business which was called Sugar House Electric. At the Salt Like City Street Department in cement contracting. Much manual work here with repairing and installation of curbs and gutters and sidewalks.

Then I worked in microfilm development and processing at the LDS records vaults that are in a granite mountain 600 feet into a solid mountain side. This is used to preserve genealogical records of peoples ancestors born in the past. Mostly more than one hundred years ago.

Then I worked at Litton Industries in the Aerospace as a quality assurance inspector on the assembly line. Yes I was many times bored by constant repetition ad nauseum.

After this I was to work for SPERRY CORPORATION as a quality assurance inspector on the assembly line for thirteen years. Yes, I at times was nauseated by repetition. But it was during this time I published Futurlogics. So during these "Assembly Line" years I wrote the futurlogics. So do not disparage the lowly assembly line worker. I can recall some the deepest philosophic discussions of my life on the assembly line at SPERRY UNIVAC. My friend Dennis Allan had the most profound understanding of Macro Economics I have ever encountered even to this day. He was part of the assembly line as he stage the parts for the next build order. May God bless Dennis for the fond memories and great discussions concerning Futurlogics. He coined the word "Monster Mode" to describe those who would reject the great enlightenment in Futurlogics.

I was "layed off" at Sperry and spent 15 months looking for a Job and going to a trade school for electronics and computer repair. At the moment that I was out of work I spent twenty one days writing the Adam God Theory. Which is also on this web site for those who want to really get into the creation theory of man. Other books and articles have been the result of my side studies which are:

Questions and Answers  about THE ADAM GOD THEORY an application of   Futurlogics

Questions and Answers  about Futurlogics

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HIDDEN ATONEMENT a Scriptural Reference and Commentary Concerning . . . Circumcision ... © 1997

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PYRAMIDS OF GOD Thinking Paradigms of Light and Truth © 2007 © 2010

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After which time I began the Computer career as follows: Programming started with programming calculators and a sound measuring instrument at Varian Associates where X-Ray tubes are manufactured. I had a hobby of programming in FORTH a real time metacompiler that is used to interface machinery and hardware. This is an assembly level programming language. The company had a hiring freeze and the programmer for the Unix system left the company. I was selected from the department due the greatest computer literacy. I was the electronic technician analyzing the cause of failure for large X-Ray tube devices at the time. I was given a terminal and two weeks to finish a programming project. I finished the program in the PROGRESS 4GL language and then I was given the next project. I was sent to school to get certified in HPUX unix system administration. I obtained certificates and was then the unix system administrator and the Progress DBA for the Quality Assurance Department of the X-Ray tube division of Varian. After several inventions that save much $ in the fabrication part of the company and completing a warehouse and Returned Material Database for processing the returned tubes under warranty I left to go to a company across the street. This was Longyear a drilling company. There I ran SCO Unix with a Progress data base with 30 users and with printers on a serial network with WY60 terminals. I also wrote Progress programs for Accounts Receivable and Invoicing in the Progress 4GL language.

Next I went to work at Naturesway in Springville Utah just south of Provo Utah. I learned to appreciate the role of Herbs in Health. There I was Unix System Administrator and Programmer for the Varnet Financial Package with Progress 4GL language. The flavor of the Unix was AIX 4.2 on a Ethernet running TCP/IP 50 + users. I upgraded the Unix and the got MRP running by adapting a version 7 level of MRP to a version 4 because upgrading all the customization to the VARNET packages was prohibiting upgrade without great and serious impact to the business operations.

After this I went to work for BALLARD MEDICAL PRODUCTS where there were 350 users and 130 always logged on. This was a TCP/IP network with a T-1 to Pocatello. I programmed in Progress and in C to interface the EDI file transfers with the MAPICS FINANCIAL SOFTWARE written in Progress 4GL. I also designed the upgrade and migration to the HPUX as we were using IBM AIX. The whole process was done in parallel until one weekend and the following monday the users logon with the new system with no down time. I was complimented for the smooth transition as it was seamlessly done. Also I instituted the Linux Infranet web server to make paperless report generation for the massive amount of reports that were printed. It was received with enthusiasm as it was easier to view reports on the INTRANET than to wait for the Reports to be delivered from a Printer. Also I converted all the check printing to PCL laser produced checks through HP PCL control language and save the company 95 cents per check.

Then I converted the Invoices to PCL printed forms at a savings of 35 cents per form. I found troubleshooting the TCP/IP printer connection an interesting and important part of my work as without printers the business seem to stop and this was an urgent priority.

When Kimberly Clark bought out BALLARD MEDICAL PRODUCTS I had to move on to another work which was BIGPLANET of NuSkin of provo. Here I was to help in the outsourcing of a Portal Billing System for the Internet services. I learned to Program in Oracle PL/SQL, Perl, Java to some extent and Used LINUX extensively to do this. This was first an upgrade then a migration project to another company to handle all the POP that an ISP has. This eliminated my own position. I am now looking for work as of August 31,2001.

(My experience with Linux began at Ballard.) I use Linux at home and on my website http://www.futurlogics.com which I maintain as a hobby. Everything on the web site was done by hand such as the HTML and Perl CGI programs.

The next thing requested for me will be to post my picture on the net but I will forebear.

My father named me after the writer James Norman Hall of Tahiti

(Link to the home of writer James Norman Hall of Tahiti)

Update 2010 December 25, 2010

I am retired now with time to program the human mind for advanced thinking.

The books below have been products of this time spent:

PYRAMIDS OF GOD Thinking Paradigms of Light and Truth © 2007 © 2010

Subject matter: Pyramids of God is an application of Futurlogics

SEARCH ISAIAH חפש ישעיהו Pyramid ZERO The Witness and Poetry of Isaiah © 2010

Subject matter: Search Isaiah is an application of the Pyramids of God which is an application of Futurlogics

used to bring to understanding the writings of the premier futurist, prophet, poet ISAIAH

BOOK OF MORMON םפר מורמון Chiasmus, Menorah Patterns, Paradigms in the Book of Mormon © 2012

Subject matter: Various Hebrew Parallelism in this enigmatic book.

BOOK OF MORMON Hebrew Parallelism © 2012 Return to HIDDENPOETRY.COM link here

BOOK OF Psalms Hebrew Poetic Patterns © 2012/2013 PSALMS link to view

as of 2013 I have kept more that 43 daily journals.

I had a Grandpa who was a candy maker and could lift 600 lbs.

I had a Grandpa who was part Cherokee and took me hunting and fishing.

I had a Grandma who love to cook and loves her grandchildren.

I had a Grandma who spoke Hebrew and five other languages and loves her grandchildren.

I had a Mother who said anything is possible if you have sense of humor.

I am a Grandpa - - my proudest work

I have a daughter and a son with doctors degrees

I have two sons with two degrees each

I have one son with one degree soon to get his second degree

I have one daughter who is an artist/photographer/mother

I have one daughter who is an artist/photographer

I have two grandchildren who are eagle scouts

My children and grandchildren are getting the A's . . . .