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diary entries of james n. hall
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Note to readers: All spelling errors and grammatical errors have been left
as they are in the diary. The most human part of learning is mistakes.
Understanding mistakes can open doors to learning the less obvious.
This web page is to exemplify a principle of learning as outlined in
the above Questions and Answers to Futurlogics .

Develop Positive Mental Attitude
1. Self-starter
2. Self-Motivated
a. Self-paced learner vs externally metered learning.
3. Personal responsibility for progress
a. Non completive progress based upon personal passion to learn

All under goals oriented behavior (this represents focus)
Through Self discipline
To create work habits

All under vista referenced thoughtfulness (this represents
Through Individual discipleship
To create thought patterns for delight

'Every man aware of the limitless power of his own thoughts can change
himself, improve himself, control his environment, and reach any goal he
desires. Thus he unquestionable becomes the master of his own destiny. "
Paul J. Meyer

Run races with your self. Observe others solutions and methods to achieve
"same goals."

Using old knowledge to bring to recognize new knowledge all of this require
a pin to burst the reality in connection with the type or analogy or model or
parable. Thus theory always must contain a contradiction.

1. Don't compare yourself to any body's performance.
2. Nothings to menial or insignificant "every word counts or attitude is very

1. What do you do with those who compare and either get discourage or
unmotivated, deflated, uninspired, broken down?
2. Some are ahead and are emotionally concerned
Some are behind and one emotionally concerned.
Because of comparison.

September 26,1986

Being ones own teacher to taskmaster on self runs between exhaustion by
cramming to laziness from resting learning to pace long run is the art
involved with self learning or monitored self learning as in this school.

September 30,1986

"When it all comes together" is the "experience, reward that keeps all these
self teachers going and enduring the bewilderment and/or stupor that explains
the learning of new knowledge. and is association of old knowledge or views.
1. lode stone means leading stone upon this rock I will build my church
referring to the stone these fishermen Sailors used ad "directors liaisons"
they new of magnetism--

October 1,1986

Two protocol-curtsies one should learn one dealing with those ahead second
one dealing with those behind (if such can be determined)
One is faith
Second is subrogation

Unless these two arts are learned there will be a violation of "pace' possible
to motivate and cause and Artificial Future.

October 10,1986

If one, who can plod along steady at ones own pace, competes with one who has a
good memory and mimics ability copies and is instructed by one instructor this
person can seem to advance very fast. So when there is this disparity there
must be a period when there is no one around to help with new territory and or
knowledge to equalize this time disparity cause by those who can borrow and
steal their way along by mimic abilities and memories then the reward of
association with a kind instructor further accelerates by admiration and
pleasure the advancement so also instructors must vary between affable and
adversive gruff and good.

October 15,1986

In self study the method should give more pleasure than the answer. Gary
stuttered but the reason he can not slow down and take things a step at a
time is the reason he stutters. He finds no pleasure in talking itself but
labors over it and tries to pass off the info at once; thus, the stutter
pause and lock. Methodical people do the best in learning without

October 30,1986

We have to allow some student to student teaching if the edification is
increase and no lording in present to set up distance and mutual teaching
occurs where both receive at once. Zeal and joy of expression should be
constructive and positive and not self-church building. Slow student must
see the great personal growth in learning to learn is more important than
what is learned.

November 5,1986

Students of unequal ability sometimes run at disparity and do not associate
as the differences affect the ego. Student of equal difficulties will
associate to comfort. Each other and identify feelings Dead level mormonism
say all the great and small should associate on a par. Yet what does the
election mean and how is the gathering accomplished with the DLM requirement.

November 6,1986

You don't really know a subject till you can teach it first to the wise and
finally reveal it to the simple in simplicity.

November 7,1986

A person really has to range about in his studies if he self paces and self
teaches as this action though symbolic reaction is prevalent and meaning
comfort is low is a least exposure to the shape of the unknown and the
first impressions the symbol suggestions can create a form of experience or
frame of reference that is better than the blank start if on has learned
how to unlearn false impressions on knowledge to assimilate new knowledge
and impressions (symbolic).

November 7,1986

Word to the wise is sufficient. If they have been exercising their study.

November 7,1986

Sometime you learn less being surrounded by the trees than seeing the forest
from a far.

November 11,1986

Crystal Clear Certainty is the point of departure where by the thoughts
produce new knowledge and sustain new knowledge.

November 14,1986

When learning in a self paced environment my learning correlation is not
present and no external reward or punishment is present. Any discoveries or
blocks must be internally celebrated or endured with in the personal research
desire. Therefore for self paced learning to continue to mental
characteristics must be in place. Individual thrill and delight over
discoveries and also individual "mettle and endurance" One must endure the
stupor of thought; one must joy in the burning. But to really gain knowledge
and attain principles of intelligence one must be one with the spirit and
think eternally. Social learning vs individual learn both have their place
but the key to spirituality is to blend and balance the two in oneness through
the principle of Christ which is the atonement process to harmonize the Father
and the Son to create the mind of God or the holy ghost--

November 17,1986

Diligence infers concentration or focus as the work
"lig-" is to bind or attach to.
This is model thinking behavior obedience infers splaying or spreading
diversification to physically inbounded all thinking as the word
"Obed-" means to hear and sound comes from all directions
at once this the model concept thinking or parallel think rather than the
serial one after one thinking of diligence and model obedient thinkings is
one with one type of thinking as Adam walked with God Enoch walked with God
but some only walked after or followed in series. Friends walk with
disciples walk after.

November 17,1986

In ordinary logic things or action true or false but not true and false at
the same time and also true or false at the same time, this is called the
knowledge of good and evil and the other is the knowledge of good from evil.
<truth AND falsehood>
<truth OR falsehood>
Are the two logic operator one has on knowledge

November 17,1986

Operational learning sometime can generate desire learning if there is reward
or joy in the operation get this is limited as the profit motive limitation
applies as to go beyond the operational reward flatten out and no spur exist
to learn either positive or negative and pure joy of delight is need to learn
the abstract. Abstract learning requires the reward of delight in each
discovery or view and review, But the point here is that sometimes operational
learn can set or trigger the desire when familiarity is accomplished thus to
learn what to desire may be operationally learned other wise it is intuition
and revelation DMP.

November 21,1986

Sometime in self paced progression the "most attainer" will find himself
alone. What to do at that point as God arrived there and seeing himself alone
said is not good for man to be alone so he went down that these may come up.
He sacrifice his excellence to bring others up to himself once having done
this he can then go ahead further till he must come down again. When he come
down does he not come down as they to be and example of what the desire but
be a model to emulate thus becoming . What do you do if lonely in research
but to teach others your interest to find one to share and help.
--remember virtue is its own reward
--believe intelligence is its own companion
--live light as its is its own delight
--be as Christ as it is all in all

November 25,1986

The man who know how will always work for the man who knows why.
But the man who knows why can do nothing till the man that knows how moves the

December 2,1986

In Self paced learning the Social conversations of those separated by progress
distance should be over common grounds and where the gifts operate as it is
sure some persons progress on different paths to be ahead here and behind
there and by this the saying is true everyman is my teacher and everyman is
my student.

December 2,1986

Genius is doing, then doing again and then doing again till right then doing
again till understood then doing again till simplified then doing again to
teachable then doing again till taught then genius is listening with delight
again what you have learned awakening to more subtle lights.

December 3,1986

You now know enough to be dangerous. (Some time a little knowledge is
dangerous as in the case of the problem in this class xyz+xyz+a if thought
could be reduced to A but I overlook the restrictions is grouping. yet what
and who ever is faithful in few things can be made ruler of many things.
by publishing the book I am forever prevented from leadership in the church
unless that book is not dangerous form of a little knowledge presumptuously
applied. But learning a few principle is all we can do in the atmosphere of
suppression nothing is an answer all all and on needs to go further and see
if there is more and subtle retreats become wisdom;yet, what of the think
tanks and the exercise of gifts beyond experiences. A little knowledge
creates a mode.

December 3,1986

Self paced learning centers should have a screening system to insure
that it's participants think for themselves as if one is constantly trying
to enlist others to think for him he will "spin-in" to a point where he can't
even learn from another per-digested knowledge and great resentment and
inhibitions will cause resentment and self paced learners require a climate
of delight and internal reward. "The Bond of Charity that society where
kindness prevails will be the most knowledgeable ever"

December 10,1986

Provision must be made for desire learners when they need diversion because of
fatigue or exhaustion as desire can drive until other peripheral wear then
the desire runs a block. They need a rest period or a restorative level.

Waiting for the crush of time to motivate one to study is like the need for
excitement from gambling. To risk as a natural consequence is not the same
as the artificially produced risk because of the wager. the addicted gambler
is like the addicted cram studier. Artificial desire to study is a negative
feedback or diminishing returns from of learning.

December 16,1986

Stu ding ahead gives one structure and form and purpose studying behind gives
one roots (texture substance) and meaning relating both to present gives
one understanding wisdom and vision. Word of wisdom is simple one must be
healthy to learn new things.

"Sometimes its easier to obtain forgiveness than permission which means that
its better to do and be wrong than to do nothing and be damned.

January 8,1987

Keith Bingham's remark that with an open entry open exit teaching system
a walk on teacher substitute has to learn all the ongoing studies of
students which could be anywheres. Thus the necessity of learn all the
course material at once is mandatory as any student can be anywhere anytime
He commented that the lockstep teaching system is easier because the
substitute teacher need only learn current teaching needs and lesson and
prepare a little ahead to anticipate. Self-paced learning centers require
the very best qualified teachers and best students.

January 23,1987

In time self teaching a change of monitors or backup teachers should not
affect permanently the learning pace of the learner. Really the adjustment
may produce new and developmental results. Sometimes a teaching system
depends on the students attendance and will require mandatory presence to
keep the teachers in craft. if only those who find learning a joy in itself
were drawn to the learning center then usually a change and per-requisit to
levied to screen the earnest and elect. This last form is usually at the end
of the educator chain and caps off the so called doctorate degree. Here the
student turns teacher and obtains the commission to expound and develop and
discover auto-iteratively.

February 4,1987

For a perfectly beautiful scriptural example to the self teaching principle
and self paced learning See--Josiah 4:27 and Alma 1:26 No wonder the lockstep
learning system of the school systems run by the government with discipline
the primary consideration destroy curiosity and delight in discovery and
learning by natural inquisitiveness!

Identification to those of similar pace and position in learning speed and
knowledge will intensify a spirit of competition of contest also there
is a tendency to mutual learn where one is the teacher and student to the
other this is not self realization and is a grade less than personal
discovery and is more easily forgotten unless the partner is always with
you as a constant companion. But often we are alone and will be at a loss
to perform the same.
Those below or behind can be instructed to mutual benefit if free agency and
pace is respected likewise one can learn from those ahead if one run not faster
than strength and stays "within league" and is diligent to observe personal
self realized knowledge, One must know for one self or when alone one become
ineffectual to teach or to learn the new knowledge either as giver or receiver.

February 5,1987

When two work at a station only one works and one learns

Teacher sometimes are performers, but when it comes to lab we'll do that in the
break room.

It is not only hard to teach intuition it is worthy to be called impossible.

February 6,1987

It is just as difficult to be a master, when before you have always been a
slave, as it is to be a slave, when before you've always been a master.

In a self pace MIM the person that get help gets hurt the worst.

February 10,1987

It is found always that what one find easy another find difficult--the law
of talents

Intelligent disobedience - bring Salvation as no body can save you but
your self:therefore, ultimately obedience to self precedes all others
as we save ourself. Spiritually

March 19,1987

Sometime a baffling confusing, or exhaustively detailed study will require
*PANNING after PLANNING which means a particular attention to records and
organized complete clear and self explained notes and definition along with the
proper addresses and destinations in formation. Panorama="pan"

March 24,1987 continued

I don't know why I put continued in the date but it is suggestive of there
is no completion in this learning and when you have successfully completed
a portion of self-learning the principle of self-teaching is the greatest
to learn you never finish you only transfer and begin again!

April 1,1987

"Freely give as ye have been given" the deserts do not bloom for long if
their is no drainage and the basin is a collection of salinity.
"Ye are the salt of the earth" if you have freely given as ye have given.
But if ye hoard it you will be poison to the blooms. We can not but
teach and that to the limit we must teach others who will in turn teach
others. But remember, unless the teacher learns with the student both
are not edified and their has been no Spirit. We have to bring ourselves up
to preparedness to learn what is high so the Teacher can learn also from
us to be the free running water with enough mineral to be a nutrient not a
toxin. To hoard knowledge is cancer; to push knowledge is to damn. The
learner with dominance and education rather than learning.

April 9,1987

Ideas are more important than example: for it is through Ideas we progress.
Example is just the starting point.

April 10,1987

If you want to change men's lives you need only change their minds. It takes
only a billionth of a volt to change a thought. An a change of thought can
change your mind. Power come from the negative and the positive coming
together. All thing are consisting simultaneously of positive and the
negative bits. The center must be the positive as the proton is the center
of the atom which is the center of everything.