How do you expect to stop infant abortion?
If you can not stop infant circumcision!

by james n. hall

Self Teaching Publications

West Jordan, Utah

United States of America

Having made mistakes one can learn from my mistakes; I have some experience to offer. Being concised at birth and mistakenly concising my sons through lack of an informed consent has given me an understanding that would never have been possible if none of these things happened. I have broken the bubble of denial. Now, I am informed and can detect the error and workings of the foolish men in the laying the foundation of body alterations that will come in the future through the desires to contol the mind of mankind through alterations of the body. To stop concision of infants will in one small way prevent the misuse of the body to control the mind in the future.


Now we are informed! How can we repent and defend the little ones and not let this heritage of pain continue? First of all the living and already damaged should not be a factor in learning to live this commandment from our Lord. Mistakes have been made and there is difficult measures to reverse any of it. All the author's relatives and father were not concised and as a child with an inquisitive nature the author questioned the difference at a very early age. No adequate answer was ever given except "don't think about it!". After having served an LDS mission and having to deal with people outside the United States of America and seeing through heightened scripture study of the New Testament where the subject of circumcision is a dominate theme it came back to haunt. After the fulfillment of a Mission in 1964 the author called upon several doctors to see if there was a remedy to concision(circumcision). After the Doctors humiliated the author by saying no one has ever been concerned with this desire to be complete "uncircumcised" before. The only thing then left to do I felt was to wait for the resurrection and be restored by this great power. The subject was then forced deep into the subconscious. Family life began and children came and the author circumcised his children after great anguish and the **insistence of the medical professionals and also there may have been a pride* that I had so conquered this ache to be complete like my father and his brothers that I felt brave enough to let my sons be circumcised. All of these concerns went into a state of deep denial until by following the advice of the LDS church leaders to continue my studies of the Book of Mormon it became alive with the scripture in Moroni 8:8. All of this caused the author to rethink all his prior conclusions concerning this subject of circumcision. With the perfected knowledge in my research, I have felt both guilty and filled with sorrow ever since. The sum of it all is that now there is great sorrow and great anguish that he missed the chance to have his sons free from this thing. I am a very poor example to follow but I can not be silent anymore as I care for the grand children that are yet to come. If one of these are left whole and complete according to the commandment then I will feel hope for the future and be more ready for the promising future.

* (Pride the universal error. Pride is a denial of the realities of self for the preference of someone you are not. Reacting to the disappointments of life with ritual formation can cause the reliving of events over and over. Pride prevents the direct dealing with the originating event because of the denial of reality. Therefore the reaction formation of trauma cause the reliving of the event over and over even in your child. Resolving the problem with knowledge and wisdom require the truth. Not being able to see the other persons point of view is the fuel of pride. The child's life should have been the consideration and not the parents concerns.)

** The consent that was given for the circumcision or concision is, as I can see now from the present medical knowledge I have gained on this subject was not an informed consent but was a mere permission that was signed. I was never instructed in the pros and cons of circumcision or concision and there was not any counsels, warnings or consequences of both pro or con given. The entire advice was "circumcision must be done". No mention of health benefits or other expert advice was offered. The total reason for the consent signing was that I did not know as much as the Doctors and that their expert authority caused me to disallowed my own opinion. With the present knowledge and study that I have gained, there would have been no chance for me to allow the concision of my sons. I do now know better and accuse the Doctors of not correctly instructing or informing me of the consequences of their preference upon my children as I never wanted to concise my sons. From this experience it is easy for me to believe that many boys are damaged through ignorance in misinformation.

Therefore because there is so little from the modern Authorities of the Church on this matter and through my family heritage and the great sorrow at having broken what the author considers a commandment I have undertaken the difficult task of writing this paper. The silence of the Church is deceiving to many. If nothing is said about a subject, ignorance prevails; error reigns. Therefore this paper.

How do we prevent? How do we gain peace? Things are now out of control as there is no thought given as infants are concised. Even the Nurses and Doctors call this operation in abbreviated term 'CIRC'. To change all this trend and tradition will require uncomfortable measures and disaster management methods such as triage. Change can only be done through triage and a mother like care for the small infants total well being .


1. If the father is concised, the children can be left complete by choice. The great and good father can be proud to have braved the new doctrine of Christ concerning circumcision. If the father is whole without concision no guilt from the survivor syndrome need compel the father to choose the alteration of the child's future because he is different. Just be grateful that you were spared and likewise spare your own child. You who are whole and complete are in the best position to father the whole child with the secrets of the ages. Adam was not concised. Be like our first parents whole and pure.

2. If some of the children are already circumcised and more children are to come, there is no reason to continue the error or the tradition just because its too late for the children already concised. This the greatest trick of Satan that sin is a good excuse to continue sin. Don't let despair be the reason to continue the concision tradition. Billions of babies have been left whole with no problems.

3. If the parents are divided over the decision to keep the child whole, Think and honor the rights of the child and leave him whole to keep the commandment. Ask him later when his voice can be heard. Honor the free agency of the child.

4. If relatives pressure the parents then fight for the rights of your child and be a man and do not give in as sorrow for not doing what you as a new parents really want will be worse. Good in-laws or grand parents will love the child anyway. Think of the blessings in store for those who strive to keep the commandments of the Lord.

5. Grand parents who have already made the mistake and want their children to change the direction of this tradition should express to their sons they have concised that they are sorry for the invasion to their body. Then ask forgiveness and ask their children to please not continue the errors of the past onto the children of the future.

6. Doctors can help you keep your child whole and complete therefor it is best to shop for a doctor who will not try to undermine your resolve. Seek out the Doctors who will support your desire to keep your child intact. Arrange early long before the birth of the child to agree with the terms of the child's being left whole and complete to prevent last minute pressures.

7. Fight through the emotional scars that the male ego has concerning their own concision and start new by protecting the baby boys that need your experience. Consider the concision scar as a wound received in the battle of life. But as a returning warrior teach the young how to fight for freedom and the true liberty of life. Teach them to "remain without circumcision" D&C 74.

8. REALIZE THAT THE MECHANISM of DENIAL will perpetuate the concision tradition even if there is really no medical reason to do so. To stop this thoughtless tradition one must face ones inner fears and losses with courage. TRIAGE PREVENTION is the only way to stop.

9. Find and study books that reveal the facts concerning leaving children complete. Don't let a doctor retract the foreskin of an infant as this is proof positive that the Doctor does not know what to do with the whole child. It could be that a "complete" Doctor is qualified to give advice from experience concerning leaving children whole. However there are Doctors who are concised that proclaim loudly that concision is damaging to infants!

10. Concision is a medical procedure to correct a problem or to treat a disease. Realize the concision should not be used as a preventive of disease or a prophylaxis or the scriptures say the whole need no physician but they that are sick. New born babies that are not sick should be left complete and whole. If something is wrong then maybe a decision should be made; that is, "if thy right eye offend thee cut it out". What then on a baby offends is the question?

11. Women have a difficult time understanding all of this circumcision or concision requirements and changes to the baby boys body. Some of the United States most vocal opponents to infant concision are women. Nevertheless women cannot understand the trauma to the male ego due to the female identification. If cancer of the breast effects 10% of the female population then 10% of the women can really understand the alteration of body parts that are involved in feminine identity. Perhaps removing the little glands in the infants breast would save many women the concern of breast cancer. But how many mothers would permit such surgery on their daughters even if it would save them from cancer? Then why would a mother allow the surgery on the penis of their son? Women, Mothers learn the truth and protect your baby boys. Defend your new new born baby boy. Be free so your children are free.

12. The male ego prevents the real understanding that concision damages the penis. How many men will admit their penis is damaged? Don't let this pride cause the concision of helpless infant boys. Fathers admit the damage and don't continue the tradition. Let your sons have the freedom and privilege of being the way God made them. Don't do any more harm because you imagine there is nothing missing with yourself.

13. If the father is whole and complete and desires the infant to be concised then let the father be concised first. If the father after having been the leader in this matter still agrees with the concision of his own self there is precedence and experience rather than superstition about concising the helpless infant is for the child's own good. Also put the cost of concision in the bank and by the time the need for concision might arrive in the life of the boy or man then the money would have grown to the expense of the operation and can be easily paid for with the interest on the money in the bank. Sometimes the extra maintenance required in being complete is exaggerated to the concised sons of complete men to sooth the conscience of the father who has sons different from himself. These fathers will complain about not being concised but never mention the benefits of being whole and complete so as to prevent the sons from wanting to be like their father. The absences of mentioning the benefits is a syndrome of a regret. Yes there is true benefits to being the way God has made you. The father who never mentions the good part of being whole and complete has to see a counselor or get concised himself to see for real. Most men who are concised in later life do regret this surgery. Unless there is actual medical reasons for concision concision should be avoided. If for no other reason but to live the advice in the scriptures.

14. When a young man or young boy discovers the fact he has been concised let him express his true feelings freely. Do not suppress this realization but let it fully develop as forcing these discoveries out of mind will cause the cycle to perpetuate. If there were no medical concerns or religious concerns but a boy is forced not to think about the damage to his body due to elective surgery he will have these ideas driven into the subconsciousness where they will return in the form of desiring to concise his children as his parents did to him as this is the cycle that perpetuates tradition. Tradition is where thinking has been done by our ancestors. But sometimes we need to reevaluate the thoughts of our parents so we can come to an understanding for ourselves. Let the men and boys cry if they discover the loss. This will help then resolve the loss and not be driven to overcompensation in their sex life.

15. BE VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE OF THIS SUBJECT OF CIRCUMCISION/CONCISION THAT YOU BE NOT DECEIVED. Remember that denial and ego will prevent the truth in this very emotional and controversial subject. Emotions will distorts and exaggerates all aspects both pro and con. Find all the benefits of being complete. Understand all the theories and forces behind the ritual and medical claims. Then make up your own mind as we don't circumcise ourselves "they" will always be a force and a factor in the continuation of concision.

16. CONCISION SHOULD BE FOR THE SICK NOT THE WHOLE. Concision is a remedy for a very serious condition not for whims.

17. The most dangerous part of concision tradition is the bubble of denial that is started. Those who have been concised are advised to "DON'T THINK ABOUT IT"! Those who have concised others and regret it are advised to "DON'T THINK ABOUT IT"! This tradition of denial or 'not thinking about it' is of greater concern than the actual concision damage as it builds the foundation of greater denials. Nevertheless when the newborn infant boy is before the knife DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. That is the time for DENIAL! Respect the child's choice!

Denial with ignorance of the truth and denial with the truth drove this tradition onward. But some early Christians and Jews were able to overcome the power of this tradition and set their children free! The purpose of this paper is not just to investigate the truth but this paper is to look closely at the direction that denial has taken in these matters. What is future that the U. S. male is being prepared to deny? As once denial has a foundation it will increase if not checked. When God gives advice there are consequences for ignoring His scriptures. We have ignored His words concerning circumcision. What greater denials shall come?

There are some who say that to concise infants for hygiene will dodge any judgements for concising(circumcising) for religious motives or so called scriptural reasons. If hygiene is more important that body parts then maybe we should cut off our hands and feet so we do not need to wash them, it would be more hygienic. The infants foreskin is fused to the glans and remains so for three to four years or more in some individuals. This covering is nature hygiene measure for the soiling that diapers and other toilet training may cause. If the baby boy is left whole he is protected from infections far more that any concision provides. In fact concision(circumcision) exposes the boy to greater risk of infections. When the boy is older soap and water will be enough to be clean. And as puberties onset begins the only protection now days with HIV's and worse is self restraint and chastity. Keeping the commandments is the only sure method that works to prevent STD (S)exually (T)ransmitted (D)isease. Therefore for hygienic reasons do not retract or remove the foreskin in infants. If you must concise the males in your family do it later with their permission and knowledge. This is just a courtesy to the free agency of the young man.

IF the boy lives a clean chaste life the Lord will protect the young man from the plagues of the Last Days. One of the reasons the concision rate in the United States has dropped more than 25% is due to the futility of concision with modern infections which are only preventible by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its Fullness.

Yes there is risk in coming to earth as some may fail. Yes there is risk in "remaining without circumcision" (as there are risks in "circumcision" but there is joy to compensate for the freedom. Security is a prison. Being complete will provide its rewards. Do not fear, the babies will survive if they "remain without circumcision". Pray and see if this is not true and right.


England in 1948 was instrumental in establishing the State of Israel. At the same time the Doctors in England were beginning to cease from concising the infants of their nation. By 1950 concision in England essentially stopped. The Jews of Israel will continue to circumcise their infants till Christ appears to them. Also Christians in the United States of America will continue to "circ" their infants till Christ appears to all. Then Paul words will speak to their souls like rain from Heaven.

"Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing." Galatians 5:2



  1. Destruction of the design of God is good and justified.
  2. Sacrafice of the innocent is for the greater good.
  3. Associate feelings of destruction at the onset of life.
  4. Associate "taste" of blood at the onset of life.
  5. Natural things should be civilized and cultivated.
  6. Associate the "Pride of the Male" to damage.
  7. The fear of death is marked upon the child in symbolic form.
  8. Victim syndrome of the phyche of the child is started.
  9. First shock of pain given to the male of the species

  10.  to put the trauma of pain into the psyche of the child.
  11. First pain with anxiety to undermine a sense of security.
  12. Male insensitivity is engendered as first pain is is avoided.
  13. Body is not to be respected in it natural form.
  14. Denial and avoidance is a pattern of behavior.
  15. Infants rights are not clearly defined.
  16. First breaths of life is associated with pain.
  17. Violence at birth.
  18. Unrightous Dominion.

Addendum: Found in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas taken from Eygpt of nearly two thousand years

His disciples said to Him, "Is circumcision beneficial or not?"

He said to them, "If it were beneficial, their father would beget them already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become completely profitable

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