a scriptural reference and commentary
concerning the consequence of Christ's circumcision
for all the children of God.

by james n. hall

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COMMENT: re: Titus 1:10,14 in your website, where St. Paul said that circumcision is a "fable, and a commandment of men, that turns from the truth." There is no dispensational difference. God never commanded that. The Jews got it from idolatrous Egyptians who marked them as slaves. After escaping Egypt, the Jews adopted it as a sign of tribal unity. Then they attributed it to God to make it appear unchallengeable. The leaders of the group that selected it as a sign of tribal unity were suffering from the complex of, like, "we had a car wreck, now you have to have one too!" Genesis 17 was improperly and falsely added to the canon of Scripture.

REPLY: The thesis of the Hidden Atonement is that Christ set aright all the errors of the past in the previous dispensations and fulfilled scriptures. Personally I agree with uour protrayal of the origin of circumcision and it is apt that you discribe circumcision as a "car wreck". I feel that it really is like a sudden stop in your reality when finally realized. I took the scriptures at face value to demonstrate that even at face value circumcision is suspect and done away. If you read the "BIG IF .... God " I imply in the thesis. You will see that I hold to the same view as your email. Thank your for looking into this cause and hope that soon the truth ,and not the fables, will predominate. Feel free to respond at any time. PS Titus 1:10 is in the thesis but maybe I did not cover the implications thoroughly enough I will look at more closely and edit the parts that seen unclear.

QUESTIONS: 1.Did the baby Jesus bleed at His circumcision? 2.Did He suffer from the circumcision? 3.Did Jesus need to be circumcised?

Answer: 1. yes. 2. yes. 3. no.

QUESTION: What is the purpose of the Hidden Atonement?

ANSWER: The purpose of the Hidden Atonement is to CIRCUMCISE CIRCUMCISION!

QUESTION: If infant circumcision is no longer done, what would society see as a result?

ANSWER: Three indicators would be at first evident. 1. The US divorce rate would go down. 2. The US abortion rate would go down. 3. Violence in the US would go down. Or simply infant right would go up!

QUESTION: Is anti-circumcision anti-semitic?

ANSWER: Circumcision is anti-semitic. Moses tried to stop circumcision! According to some translations of ancient scriptures circumcision should be performed at 8 YEARS OLD! This means the Old Testament is misunderstood by those who are suppose to represent those teachings. The circumcision of babies is not biblical but a policy to enable this tradition. The great suffering heap upon the Jews of this world may be traced to circumcision. Therefor circumcision shunts the growth of knowledge among the Jews. To be anti-circumcision is to be protective of children and babies, which is an ideal that the modern Jew should also admire. Modern Israel should be inspired to give up this ritual and concentrate on their finer teachings.

QUESTION: Email to Dr. Jack Stockwell concerning anti-circumcision as being anti-semetic.

ANSWER: The token of the covenant is circumcision. As long as the two factions continue to circumcise children and infants they will be at war. Circumcision among other things besides a memento of the covenant race, it is the training grounds to harden the people to pain and to be able to inflict pain on others. Christ would not have been crucified if he had not gone to a circumcising nation. This covenant token toughened the jews to be able to sacrafice the innocent. Sacrafice is a way of life with the hebrew nations. There will always be trouble in the middle east until circumcision is stopped. This may occur when Christ manifest himself to the Jews. Until then the violence generated through the circumcision will continue. The USA is the only other circumcising nation on earth. Violence is here also. This morning you were accused of anti-semitic statements. Actually I beleive you were very fair about the problems that were caused by the policy reversal to support Israel against the Palistinians. Although circumcision was not started by Abraham it is attributed to him. Abraham did not circumcise babies. That was started by the fanatic jews when they forced Moses to include circumcision to be enforce by the Mosaic code. The Nephite did not circumcise the children as it was not actually in the law of Moses. When circumcision stops in the middle east then will come a state of peace. If they continue to circumcise infants and children there will be perpetual war. Circumcision in the United States is no longer supported by the medical associations. But the people will continue to circumcise children until some force of social medicine or honesty comes to the parents of America. Moroni 8:8 will someday be fulfilled with US mormons also. Section 74:2 indicates that the early Christians stopped circumcision as it distroyed the spirit of the gospel to protect the innocent. Circumcision is essentially denial in action. I have a pediatrician friend who says he cannot talk parents out of circumcison due to the denial syndrome in parents. They are afraid to admit they have been damaged so they circumcise babies to cover their fears and not for medical reasons. The Australians has linked certain brain damage to the trauma of circumcision. Have you the courage to cover this topic on your programs. It flys in the face of tradition yet you would protect children from innoculations.

QUESTION: Do you advocate foreskin restoration?

ANSWER: In the resurrection we will be restored completely intact. I beleive in this whole heartly. However, if you mean the technique of simulating a foreskin on a drastic circumcision or magnifying the vestige of a foreskin due to a a mild circumcision. That is not my duty or business to advocate or promote any more than it is for me to advocate infant circumcision. Skin expansion of a persons' body is their own choice and if it will contibute to the stopping of infant circumcision then GO FOR IT. If a father has successfully simulated a prepuce he is very considerate of his child and will in all likelyhood will not violate the baby boy and will teach the child the right way. This is good then and advocacy is warranted.

Some men have been tramatized by circumcision so much so that they suffer emotionally. If foreskin restoration or the hope of the resurrection will heal the mind then why forbid them a means of relief. If they, who see infants as an object to craft with surgery rather than a person with choices, do express opposition to foreskin restoration then pray for them and seek foreskin restoration in an orderly way with patiences.

QUESTION: What is the Offical Mormon policy on circumcision?

ANSWER: If you mean the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there is enforced 'no policy'. You could write the Church and they will refuse to make any statement that is relevant to the scriptures. If you ask an interpretation of the scriptures on this subject there will diverse results. Essentially we are on our own on this subject. Due to ignorance many mormon babies are circumcised in the United States of America. However there are those who find Moroni 8:8 in the Book of Mormon and honor it by refraining from circing their baby. Denial on this subject reigns supreme in all other cases. I know a family who prayed and fasted over this matter because a wife of one of the sons said it was not what her family has done. Since all in his family unthinkingly circumcised--circumcision became a contoversy. I provided the scriptures as the Hidden Atonement was being completed. They argued over the scriptures and their traditions and then agreed to consider this through prayer as an extended family and the results to their surprise was to leave the baby as God sent him. They now have one baby boy who will face the future with a great heritage. In 16 more years this baby boy will go on a mission with a new tradtion which they changed through prayer.

QUESTION: Your web site has Adam God writings. How does this fit into the futurlogics writings on thinking ?

ANSWER: The Adam God Theory is a thinking system amoung other things and uses some of the same principles of thought that futurlogics does. If a person does not know his true origin he will be subject to mind manipulation of some degree or another. A persons identity and self esteem is the foundation of clear and creative thought. It does not matter if the Adam God Theory is true or otherwise it will be instructive in principles of enlightenment. Actually the Adam God Theory was researched to demostrate to mormons the principles of DMP or the central holistic thinking in the futurlogics.

QUESTION: Is circumcision really violence, if the child has pain killer to stop the pain?

ANSWER: The worst part is the post tramatic shock and the severing of nerves while the brain and nervous system is still developing rapidly. My children used to cry when they urinated as the acid burned the exposed wound. Doesn't some studies show that boys do not nurse as well as girls when they are circumcised. I personally think that circumcision if necessary should be done when consent is possible. It is violence against the childs freedom of choice. Perhaps the child would want to be intact. I know that I would rather be intact now than be circumcised. I feel like violence has been done to me every time I see the scar tissue. I'm also sorry for not being a good enough father to see through all this "conspiracy to circumcise" in time to save my sons. But I am so glad that my son is not going to circumcise his twin and the last child born a few days ago is free of this problem as there is a greater understanding in our family now. It did not seem violent to let the boy have a foreskin. The in-laws are in wonder but they see it is best.

QUESTION: Are you circumcised?

ANSWER: I refuse to be victimized I am only wounded. I am foreskin challenged!

QUESTION: I heard a doctor on the radio say "Why should young men now sue for being deprived of natural sex due to a circumcision at birth? They should not know the difference as they have nothing with which to compare. True there is a hardening of the skin surface and scar tissue but they should not be concerned with what they can't experience. They are only reacting to hearsay anecdotes from intactivists. Next they will be sueing their Mothers!". Why are these young men sueing for having been circumcised?

ANSWER: We are not animals we have minds and can research things til we understand them even if we have not experienced them directly. Who is to say what brain associated damage there is to sever the nerves that will be so important to marriage and relationships between the sexes? Circumcision is a major event to an infant that could leave them to a constant search in some young men. I am so suprised that a 'doctor' would be that insensitive to a human cry of pain. These men are in pain and a doctor says it should not hurt!? He should have said "Maybe we have made a mistake." but then they would be liable for legal action. As for sueing your mother I believe the best reparation would be to see that all her grand children are not circumcised! That is an implicit message that will work for a long time. Not every reparation is money. A good example can cause an apology from parents who have circumcised you with no regard to your preference.

QUESTION: Does Futurlogics on your web site deal with scriptural prophecy?

ANSWER: Not directly. Scriptural prophecy can be fullfilled at three levels, namely: Temporal, Spiritual and at a level of Eternal Inteligence. Because of this it is beyond the treatise scope to fix current political events as to fulfillment of scripture. The scripures can be completed at any combination of the three levels or at a particular level. Futurlogics is a thinking system that could be used to research any subject including the future. But the discussion of the prophecy of the scriptures though possible with futurlogics is left to be develop as a subset of the general techniques of prediction. The Adam God Theory was research with futurlogics as it was written later by three years. Futurlogics helps solve the apparent logical contradictions in a seamlessly beautiful way. Perhaps at some future date, I will deal directly with the Prophecies but I feel inadequate to the task. I find learning futurlogics to be challenging enough. Though I do try to figure out the prophecies and at times do get some inklings here and there. But I have no keys to let these out. It will be of more benefit to let futurlogics grow up without too much religous pedantics. Anyway the sciptural backing for the levels of fulfillment can be gleaned from the following Book of Mormon Scripture:

                                    1 Nephi 22:1
          1 And now it came to pass that after I, Nephi, had read these
          things which were engraven upon the plates of brass, my brethren
          came unto me and said unto me: What meaneth these things which ye
          have read? Behold, are they to be understood according to things
          which are spiritual, which shall come to pass according to the
          spirit and not the flesh?
                                    1 Nephi 22:2
          2 And I, Nephi, said unto them: Behold they were manifest unto
          the prophet by the voice of the Spirit; for by the Spirit are all
          things made known unto the prophets, which shall come upon the
          children of men according to the flesh.
                                    1 Nephi 22:3
          3 Wherefore, the things of which I have read are things
          pertaining to things both temporal and spiritual; for it appears
          that the house of Israel, sooner or later, will be scattered upon
          all the face of the earth, and also among all nations.

QUESTION: Does anyone out there know if premature infants are circumcised?

ANSWER: Yes they are! My Son and Wife had twins and they were born early. They were required to be in the ICU for a time. My son gave me a bag of very small plastic bells used to circumcise premature infants and a restraining strap for extra small infants. One of my son's twins is a boy and this boy will not be circumcised because our family has seen the sickness in circumcision of infants. We are going to keep these devices that the hospital gave for an educational instructions because it is the perfect proof the need to circumcise is a serious sickness! Infants in the ICU are not stable or they would be at home.

The compulsion to circumcise seems to transcend good medical practice even in the face of American Academy of Pediatrics Policy below:

PEDIATRICS, Volume 103, Number 3, Pages 686-693, March 1, 1999 in summary: If circumcision is performed in the newborn period, it should be done only on infants who are stable and healthy.

QUESTION: If you were to make and display an anti-circumcision slogan, what would it say?


QUESTION: How did infant circumcision get started?

ANSWER: Originally circumcisin was a rite of manhood. Like weaning a child this rite was to initiate the boy to the responsibilities of manhood. A test if you will to qualify the boy to be received as a man into the brotherhood. In all cases circumcision was done at the onset of puberty or just before. According to ancient records it was eight years and older. This was a time the child could be punished as an adult for any crime. Therefore if an uncircumcised child of the tribe committed a crime the parents were to be held accountable for the act. If a circumcised boy committed a crime the full weight of the law was applied with full penalty. It was a way of teaching children to get ready for adulthood. The question then is how infants could be tried as an adult as the jews circumcise at eight days old. This leaves no learning period for requirements of the law. They would be born an adult. This frustrate the purpose of the law and puts at once a severeity of harshness on the child. The answer is that originally the children of Abraham were not circumcised as infants. This change was force upon the Israelites due to the fanaticism of those that followed Moses. Certain separated tribes of the levites circumcise at eight year old but are jewish in all other respects. Circumcision of infants is a commandment of men as Titus 1:10,14 suggests. Baptism of infants is just as onerous. Circumcison of infants is the result of fanaticism and intentional changing of the scriptures.

QUESTION: What are the different social effects of circumcision?

ANSWER: Typically there are three reasons for circumcision namely:

1. Ritual fulfillment upon infants or teenagers.
2. Medical motives performed on infants.
3. Cosmetic or decorative self-mutilation. 

The cosmetic circumcision is done perhaps for the same reason that tatoos are done. Some how the body is seen as an object apart. The social disrespect of the body can lead to disrespect of others. Of course there may be money reasons for the medical circumcision. Also the medical promotion of circumcision could be conspiratory as infant foreskin is used in medical experiments and research. The social effect is the medical community is some how elevated to a ministry. "They know best" is a given. Now alternative medicine is finding a releif from this know it all ministry. The first reason is the longest standing and has religious import. The war that is and has been brewing since Abraham was assoicated with ritual circumcision and is driven by the affects and effects of circumcision. There will be no peace in the middle east until circumcision is stopped! To inflict pain on the inocent and young is ritulized. It is a training ground for this behavior. Perhaps 'terrorism' is spawned by circumcision. Ritual circumcision of infants prepares the mind to deny the rights of the infant. He is an object till circumcised. Then he is given a name. Those outside of the true circumcision are not equal to the ritual member. This has brought centuries of problems and hatred to the jewish beleiver. The ritual circumcision of teenagers must be preceeded with the preparation of the teenager to face pain and denial of the defence of the body. Think of the ability of the terrorist to die for the cause. Circumcison is the preparation to do this. Or at least is a mimic of the ultimate self sacrafice. Whatever the religious motives the effect on the mind is immediate. That is others can control you. If the teenager were able to self-circumcise this would heighthen the effect. If you can talk the jewish people out of circumcision and if you can talk the arabic people out of circumcision, THEN AND ONLY THEN can you talk the hebrew semitite into living peacably together. Human rights are in the balance. Circumcision violates basic human dignity.


Gee. And I thought that it had something to do with the extreme
wickedness of the people.

But No! Behold and lo! We have the answer!
It's...circumcision! (Never mind that a large percentage of
peace loving people are circumcised.)

Circumcision...It?s so simple, so obvious. Wow! Do I ever feel
stupid. :-P

RESPONCE: Sarcasm aside you're right I do need more balance. But your
reply is an indication of deep seated injury due to circumcision!

Its much easier to predict war than it is to predict peace. But to know my enemy or my friend I should read their book so I have begun the reread of the Koran. In the first few pages Israel is called to repentance and required to read the Koran and "And clothe not the truth in falsehood, and hide not the truth when you know it.". Both of these nations do ritual circumcision and the violence in their society is a result. They train their children from their circumcision to endure pain and to give pain. This problem will not stop till they quit ritual circumcision and come to Christ. The Koran seems to have our doctrine in it along with the crazy stuff. Adam is of very high status and should be worshiped by the angels and had the power of god. Sound familiar. Also they believe in marriage for eternity and to be sealed to families. Hagaar was sealed to Abraham and they know it. Also Hagaar was saved by angels when Ishmael was dying of thirst and privation on the desert. Sarah seems to have created a war when she almost killed Hagaar and her son. This problem will not go away as easy as killing terrorists. You will have to transform their ideas.

Innocent children are circumcised with no regard to their free choice. Circumcision inflicts great pain and damage to the innocent pure child. Terrorism is doing exactly the same. The Holy War is a ritual to seal up the faithful to eternal heaven. It is like making your calling and election sure. The Jew ritualized this by misinterpreting the scriptures Joseph Smith translation of the Bible indicates that circumcision should be at EIGHT YEARS OLD. The wicked Jew perverted this to eight days old to cause the effects of circumcision to be upon the new born. Many died because of circumcision and yet they do not stop. The Arabs circumcise at Thirteen Years old and it may be as violent as they force young teenager to be circumcised in a community rite that usually find some of them die by bleeding or infection. This circumcision is always violences on the innocent and usually with no consent or forced consent. Where is the 'free agency' in circumcision?! Did you or other get circumcised by request or do you or they wake up one day after many years and realize it was done supposedly for your better good. This is tradition at it's worst. It was to commemorate the promises to Abraham from God. A TOKEN. Originally before the fanatic Jews and Arabs got a hold of it by extremism it was a small arc cut to symbolize the rainbow than was given to Noah to promise that the earth would be cleaned by baptism only once then the last days would see a baptism of fire. This is why there is eight in the figure where were are saved referring to the Baptism of Christ. When Jesus was circumcised, did he bleed and feel pain? Yes he did because it was the truly last circumcision. Why would the SON OF GOD need circumcision? Only as a symbol of what suffering he would really have to endure on the CROSS and in the GARDEN. EVEN the AAP has withdrawn support of circumcision. That is why there is a 40 percent drop in circumcision in the United States of America. England stopped in 1948 when the established the State of Israel to demonstrate that they are not Jewish but Christian. Stupid Americans are the only country in the world that circumcises infants and they perform a radical surgery that remove far more foreskin than the Jew in Israel. You should find that this subject is the central battle of the New Testament. If you can understand its meaning and impact you can see the great import it has on Human Rights and Destiny. All who laugh at circumcision are VICTIMS OF IT!!! I am so sorry you were circumcised as a child.

I'll work on my balance. Perhaps you should look at circumcision again.

QUESTION: Does "self circumcision" violate the right to choose?

ANSWER: The "right to choose" is used to justify abortion as freedom is considered a priority. But the same people who say a woman has the right to say what is to be done in or to her body still advocate circumcision of an infant with no consideration of the infants rights. How many men were given the right to choose over their body. But their freedom is selective according to agendas. Circumcision promotes abortion as it trains the mind to sacrafice the innocents rights to the preference of the parent(s). Yet a deliberate violation of rights is perpetrated on the voiceless infant. Circumcision should not be the perogative of parents at all as there is no health risk in the foreskin of a baby boy. When or If there is a health risk it should be later when the boy or man can choose concerning his own body. The chances of a health risk is 1 in many thousands. Most uncircumcised men have no problem. If you want or need circumcision self-circumcision is your choice!

COMMENT: Is there a mormon circumcision?

ANSWER: Any 'mormon' who advocates circumcision from the scriptures does not know his scriptures. The figurative circumcision or changing ones heart is the true circumcision. This will refer to the token of change where the mind and heart is tractable to the will of the Father. To be come as a little child as to teachability is the only circumcision that a mormon should promote. A mormon who tells you that a babe or child is in need of circumcision is in the gall of bitterness as Mormon counseled his son Moroni. But alas many mormons are circumcision and defend this trauma by the denial syndrome. Some think that 'cleanliness' should allow a doctor to circ a babe. This is great bitterness. All blood rites are finished in the blood of the Lamb. The circumcision of Christ ended all circumcision to those who listen to the counsel of their Maker. Again look at Moroni 8:8 for the counsel.

COMMENT: A family member informed me that a work associate who is a returned missionary from Scotland in the British Isles was encountering a question at the door of the people as they were doing their missionary work. The question is "Are you circumcised?" According to the report from this missionary, this question was greatly disconcerting to the newly arrived missionaries. This is a fullfilment of the prediction or comment that was made in the thesis 'Hidden Atonement'. Below quoted for reference:

As only one seventh of the worlds male children are "circumcised" or concised in one fashion or another, when we send our missionaries to the world what example do they give on keeping the commandments to the other six sevenths of the worlds children if they are not "whole" as per Moroni 8:8. Would leaving the babies whole hinder the work of the Lord or does concising the American Mormon missionary cause concern in countries where this form of surgery is seen as unnecessary and a violation of human rights.
For those who want the full scriptural history click here: Hidden Atonement link

QUESTION: What is faith?

COMMENT: Knowledge is not only infinite but greatly infinite in scope! Some means and a way must be used to approach this grand sea of knowledge spoken of in Isaiah. Isaiah 11:9 "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea". Knowledge of the universe is also a subset of this infinity. But to know of God is to know about the knower of all the knowledge of the universe. Metacognition is the ability to think about thinking. Metaknowledge is the knowledge of knowledge. This is an infinite recursion into knowing about knowing. God or the Perfect Man can know about all of the knowledge of the universe. God also knows all about the knowledge of His knowledge. How is this possible--but through faith. Where ever there is a frontier of knowledge there will be prayer and faith. Faith is the 'exploring mind set' to uncover mystery and the unknown. In the Futurlogics faith is defined as the 'ability to do the best with the least'. The 'least' is our own standing or starting point of knowledge, knowing what we do know now to use this to pioneer the frontiers of knowledge. A faithful person will have many metaphors, types, parables, examples, controversies, contradictions, paradoxes, detected counterfeits, etc. as a tool kit to face this 'great sea'. Faith enables the navigators of the sea to find his way and reach the islands of Enlightenment and Truth. These islands are there ready to receive these sailors of this great sea of knowledge with rest. They are the Faithful of the Lord.

ANSWER: The atheist claims to know there is no god. Has he been everywhere to check!? The Universe is infinite! An honest atheist can only be an agnostic when he is humble enough to admit his limitations. A faithful person always admits there is a God because faith goes beyond the observation limits of the atheist. The atheist says there is no god because I have not seen him. The faithful says I know there is a god because my faith is growing and my knowledge is increasing. There are atheist who will not admit there is a god even if god introduces himself--because of their mind set.

                                     Alma 32:21
          21 And now as I said concerning faith--faith is not to have a
          perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope
          for things which are not seen, which are true.

QUESTION: Why be so concerned about circumcision? Isn't it just a piece of skin?

ANSWER: But it is my skin to do with as I choose. Besides this is a sexually charged area of the body and what ever happens to this part of the body the sexual force will amplify it accordingly. If there is denial associated with this mere peice of skin then the magnitude of the denial syndome is also given greater impetus in any direction it may take. The body reflexes so demonstrate. When a threatening move is taken to the groin area powerful responses are evident. Everything there is amplified including pain responses. The blow to the groin has taken down even the stoutest of men. The concern about circumcision is a direct result of this amplification that is associated with the object male pride. Let us look at it from another perspective. Your eyelid is just a peice of skin would you have it removed with the excuse 'it is just a peice of skin'? But your eye is more important than the sex organs. Is it? Ask the woman who has a breast removed if there is less importance because it is not the eye. Simply circumcision is a direct violation of human rights. Very few circumcisions are consented to by recipient. Babies are victims of circumcision.

QUESTION: How did circumcision get started in the United States of America?

ANSWER: How did circumcision get started on Earth is another question that needs to be answered first. Long before the hebraic nations started circumcision as a religious rite Egypt was circumcising. It may have originated from tribes from central Africa. Perhaps it was a remedy that got out of hand due to the tremendous emotional impact it has on the male psychy. A form of "if I can not have a foreskin then nobody can". After that it became a rite of tribal initiation.

Perhaps the test of bravery was associated with this ritual to compensate for the loss of maleness and then became the token of a warrior or soldier. Thus began the associations and ritual to compensate for the obvious loss. And then the ritual of sacrafice compounded this affect in order to please whatever priestcraft attributed to be god or gods. Abraham was to go to Eygpt and teach. He would have not been accepted there if he were uncircumcised. If he was really circumcised at 99 years of age did he do it to himself or did some Eygption surgeon do it for him and his family. Much must be discovered about the true history of Abraham before the truth of Hebrew circumcision is known. At any rate Abraham is designated as the author of the "token of the covenant" or circumcision. If Abraham started this form of religious circumcision he would not have circumcised babies but as some recorded history points out circumcision was to be done a the age of accountability for a man. This age was probably just before puberty and ritualize to be 8 years old EIGHT YEARS OLD. Infant circumcision is the result of Priestcraft. (Priestcraft is using god as a pretext or excuse to cover the propaganda of men). Where ever there is circumcision there will be such Priestcraft.

Now how did this get started in the USA! First is must be noted that this practice would not have started on its own as before 1870 it was done to nearly no one. BUT IMMIGRATION OF PERSONS TO THE AMERICAS BROUGHT IT HERE. It should have stopped with the invention of antibiotics but it did not. Some fear tactics concerning cancer etc. perpetuate it. But it is found that nearly as many circumcised men get such cancer as the intact men. Obviously there is a lot of bogus research finding done with this subject. Fear of having been cheated out of a full sex life will perpetuate the lies about circumcision. No subject has had as many cover ups as circumcision.

Perhaps the truth is comming through as the circumcison rate of 98 percent in the late 1930's and the early 1940's is now in the 2002's dropping below 59 percent . At some time in the near future it will be below 50 percent and then the society will have political issues over infant rights to have an intact body. (Actually in some parts of the Western United States the circ rate is below 37 percent and in other parts of the Sothern State the circ rate is as High as 85 percent ) It will be found that implanted chips will be easier to administer to the circumcised than to the intact unless the person is angry about having been circumcised.

There are now many angry about circumcision and this will start a movement that will reverse the lies about circumcision! Remember when everyone had their tonsels removed even when they were healthy. Do they do that now? Such will the be the fate of infant circumcision as soon as the people discover the lies that cover up this trauma to America.

What is the future of ciricumcision?

Circumcision started as a mark of a tribe; mutated to a religious token; raged as controversy; panged as regretable loss; and will be regarded as a mark of terrorism! finally it will be the explanation of the enslavement of the mind.

Questions and Answers forthcoming please check back again

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