Rumors of the Future
a study and view of the future
by james n. hall   copyright © 2002

Perhaps the future is best search from the perspective
of religion due to the infinity of possible futures. From the limited
mind of man the future becomes like looking at the cosmos of the
universe at night. There are many points of light all arrayed in
limitless splendor. One immediately is cognizant that these same
stars perhaps shine as brightly in the noon day sun but are not
apparent in the blue of the sky should the clouds of the weather
patterns clear away. Describing the future is a daunting task at
best. Yet having written the book and explored the technique of
Futurlogics I am somewhat expected to attempt this grand enterprise.
To do this I will provide at least two concurrent directions of
research: One is the religious view of the THE future done without
the scriptural interpretations of the cannon of books associated with
organized religion. The second is to see the political direction of
man's society as effected/affected by the confinement of living on
the ever smaller planet of earth through technology. This two pronged
approach is required to prevent the incestuous inbreeding of ideas
fraught with using only one methodology. Let us assume for the
project that the religious approach is representative of looking at
the earth and man from the outside; also, the geo-political approach
is the insiders perspective of the general view of the earth and man.
There are persons who BELIEVE there is no god. There are persons who
BELIEVE there is existing either a god or THE god. The points is that
there is BELIEF from both of these camps. If god does not want to be
found easily then he will not be found except in the way he has
allowed. It is apparent to some that he is not found easily with some
techniques. So this war of BELIEF is also a war of METHODS. The
methods are faith and doubt. Faith is a method of belief as doubt is
a method of belief. In between faith and doubt is the scientific
method. But the scientific method can not study itself or the future.
It is because of this point that both faith and doubt must be present
in the study of the future.

One thing is for certain for me and that is there will be a great
division among the earths population. That is there will be two camps
trying to bring the massive middle to their side. One of these camps
will be angry at religion and family and liberty. The other camp will
be sorry that their liberty and family and traditions are being
replace or subverted to those interested only in their personal

Perhaps it is thought that change is needed to meet the new world
conditions and old solutions no longer suffice. They think it is a
time to replace Deity with 'big government'.

The struggles between this stirred up populous over the philosophy
of life can be hotly disputed to the point of a serious controversy
soon. The visibility of this draw to the middle is even now

The education of the public will be the hot bed of these forces to
win the minds of the people between these two camps. The future
battle ground where the conflict and controversy will fray into
protecting children against deception and disillusionment. Who will
educate the children with what curriculum shall be the point of
greatest confrontation. Education will be perceived as both the
solution and the problem at the same time.

The provocation of the preemptive declaration will draw the
social fray of the civilizations clash and the sacrifice of the
innocent will surrender the freedom for the illusion of security.
Security will become the jailer being his own keeper to protect those
inside from those outside.

For Mormons tuning in: Satan will reign with blood and horror ...
that none will dare to molest or make afraid. This can be translated
to the secular reference as follows: Global Governance or World
Government will opportune themselves with terrorism til they are in
full control. Once in control, then terrorism will not be allowed to
be used to obtain power: thus freedom to act in a sovereignty will be
defined as terrorism.

QUESTION: What is the little horn as mentioned in the
Biblical Danial?

ANSWER: Someone like Caesar in Roman Times that will be
seen as the living god on earth who will require and enforce the
people to his worship. He will emerge from the Ten Toes of
the dream Daniel interpreted. It is commonly held that this
represents the area where the Roman Empire once stretched it

Any excuse will serve a tyrant. -- Aesop

This is a nice example of BACKCASTING.

One Mormons view of the future of this Earth.

There are many methods, modes, and models that can be use to
organize the description of the future. Rather than use the eclectic
eschatalogical method a more simplified methodology will be employed.
The chosen method is called Backcasting. This method takes the final
outcome and works backward to fill in the required preceding events
to accomplish the said outcome. Example Isaiah 66 is backcast of Isaiah 65

This final outcome as so viewed is the "Visit of the Father to this Earth."
He is not only the Father of all things pertaining to this Earth but the
Creator of all earths pertaining to this eternity. For the Universe is an
eternity of eternities. He is coming to teach us and to bless us; that, we
may advance through the degrees of eternity, and to know of things
greater, and to understand to a greater degree things lesser than the
perfected earth. This Earth will burn with everlasting light as a sea of glass.
The Earth in it's final state will be like a living organism with the sole
purpose and intelligence to support and sustain the survivors of it's history.
The Earth will be clean. Indeed all the inhabitants will also be clean as the
ecology of the earth and man will be one system. To each man will be
given a stone with a name that only the recipient of the stone will know.
This stone like a urim and thummin will enable him to learn of other
earths and their origin, history and destiny. This knowledge will be
part of the preparation for Man to continue the Work of the Father.
As we do this we will in part become more like Him. Though this Earth
is living and vibrant it will have been dead and is renewed by a power
and the center of it's life. That Center of Life is Jesus Christ the one
born in Bethlehem of Judea amid the house of Judah. His second coming
is to prepare this earth to receive the Father's Visit.

The Great Work of the Millennial period is to dress and prune and
restore all things fit for the reception of the Father's return even
as a Garden such as the Garden of Eden. During this Millennial
Reign with the cleansing of the earth to be finalized and perfected.
Were it not for this (Jesus) first coming there would not be a
survivor of this process. But because of the work of the Gospel on
the hearts of men. Many will survive the power of the advent of
Christ in this "Second Coming". Now Prior to this Second
Coming and the Millennial Work will a turbulent period of wickedness
where evil fights its last losing battles. Evil's purpose is to
destroy as much as possible before their chains are fixed and sure.
These days will demonstrate to all the madness of evil's sources that
ALL may learn that will learn the lessons of Goodness, being
superior to the delusions and illusions of Evil Designs. For many
will attempt to use lies and flattery to get authority and worldly
power to exercise dominion upon the hearts of mankind to play the
lord over them. Here the wars and rumors of war will be a sign of
these lies and flatteries to obtain the reigns of power over the
kingdoms and the free States of the earth. And this is where we are
now amid these heated and hidden intrigues to get to the top of the
heap. Apparently one will arise to demonstrate that anything less
than the Gospel will fail and ferment the slavery to support a
totalitarian regime that will collapse under it's own weight while
maintaining compulsory force. After this breaking down and
destruction shall people be ready to receive the true leader.
This pretender will be revealed as such and the world will no longer
be deceived with vain promises of security--if their freedom is

Fear and laziness will ever be the cause of slavery.

                                      Joel 2:2
          2 A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of
          thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great
          people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither
          shall be any more after it, [even] to the years of many
  < "there hath not been ever the like" speaks of the United States of America>      
                                    Joel 2:3
          3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth:
          the land [is] as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them
          a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.
                                    Joel 2:4
          4 The appearance of them [is] as the appearance of horses; and as
         horsemen, so shall they run.
                                    Joel 2:5
          5 Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they
          leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the
          stubble, as a strong people set in battle array.
                                    Joel 2:6
          6 Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces
          shall gather blackness.


Whether or not fluoridated compounds and salts will protect the
teeth is irrelevant to the bigger picture of paranoia. The future
will bring great changes due to the break through knowledges. Such as
for instances designer drugs, diseases, viruses, etc. If eugenics is
a threat or ethnic cleansing is a threat then the real danger to the
paranoid is that the dispersal units of public water systems used to
administer the fluoridated salts, acids, or compounds for the
possible benefit of the children's teeth can be used to administer
the designer toxins of the future to control human population and
conditions through specific DNA targeted dosages into the water

If I were asked to state one cause and one cause only to NOT FLUORIDATE
it is that it will be in place to be MISUSED as science develops designer DNA
specific compounds and DNA specific virulence.

Civilization begins by having pure drinkable water that contributes
to health and does not contain any additive. Conversely Civilization breaks down
by dirty water. Dirty water is the 'wormwood' that will contaminate the
rivers of the earth as spoken in the Revelations.

                                   Revelation 8:10
          10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from
          heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third
          part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
                                   Revelation 8:11
          11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third
          part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the
          waters, because they were made bitter.

The most efficient form of government is the benevolent king. The
most efficient form of tyrany is the malevolent king. Given the above
as propostitions, then the "Little Horn" or the "Forehead" with "666" or "616"
;and/or, the last days imperial caesar who speaks great blasphemies will
see any form of government that is inefficient and provides freedom and
prosperity as a threat to His form of government of complete domination.
The constitution of the United States of America is very inefficient
compared to a kingdom but with great prosperity the constitutional
government will preserve freedom and liberty and ownership. The
United States is now at a great level of prosperity. If the United
States of America is seen as a threat to this forth coming Little
Caesar as he obtains more power or influence more attacks at the
constitionial form of government will be seen, also, direct attacks
against the prosperity of the United States that supports a
constitutional government will also be seen. The inefficiency of the
United States Constitution will be one of the forms of the attack
politically. The cry of waste and neglect of the less prosperous will
be the political rhetoric of attack. But the inefficiency of our
constitution is the most effient form of preventing the tyranny of
the malevolent king.

The move to centralized government could destroy the United States
of America as it was envisioned by it's founding statesmen.
Centralization is more effient but endangers the separation of powers
that prevents the abuse of power.

Diversity is a two edged sword. Those who would have a king ,which
is the ultimate centralization of government, seek to maintain
diversity among the subjects or masses to 'divide and conquer'. Those
who would keep government in check will seek to maintain diversity
among it public officials to decentralize government duties. This
then is the different applications of diversity: break up the people
or break up the government by a constitution. To keep the people from
worshiping their government we have a constitution to reserve this
worship for God. To cause a people to worship as god their king
religion has to be prescribe by this king or all religions at first
must be put down. It can easily be forecast that there will soon be a
major attack against non-governmentally accepted religions.

                               Humble humans
                           by George Will (5/22)
       Geology suggests how mankind's existence is contingent on the
    geological consent of the planet. Although the planet is hospitable
     for the moment, it is indifferent--eventually it will be lethally
                   indifferent--to its human passengers.

When the Semites in the world cease circumcising infants and children
then will the foundation for peace be possible in the middle east.
Will there be a time that this is accomplish? Yes, truly. But after
great tribulation.

This election year 2008 has evident before us a vision of both
political parties known as Democrats and Republicans seen as the
pincers of a great scorpion who's mouth speaks mesmerizing tones to
gather the people under the power of the pincers. Then when the time
is opportune the tail of the scorpion will paralyze the people with
lies legislated. The people are captivated by the two party system of
the self same scorpion.

The soldier who has been used to gain power to dominate the earth
will be demonized and neutralized and set outside the political correctness
and positioned to be the enemy. The historical reference is the day of the
hummingbird when the brown shirt disappeared.

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