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Adam God Thinking ~ Common Father is Common to Both Versions of Controversy

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Ancient of Days in the Mexican Calendar

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          Our heavenly Father delights in his good children, he delights
          continually to bless them, yea, "He maketh his sun to rise on the
          evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the
          unjust." All are equally his children. We are all the children of
          our common Father, who has placed us on the earth to prove
          ourselves, to govern, control, educate and sanctify ourselves,
          body and spirit, unto him, according to his will and pleasure.
          When all that class of spirits designed to take bodies upon this
          earth have done so, then will cometh winding-up scene of this
          particular department of the works of God on this earth. It is
          his will that we should prepare ourselves to build up his
          kingdom, gather the house of Israel, redeem and build up Zion and
          Jerusalem, revolutionize the world, and bring back that which has
          been lost through the fall. Page 2 Volume 10 September 28, 1862
          ~Brigham Young