Simply the 'wickedest Earth idea' states that Christ Jesus created many Earths in this eternity and that out of all these creations only this Earth was the one He would be begotton. This Earth, we now live on, is selected ostentatiously due to it being the most wicked of all the creations. Perhaps, since Jesus was the brightest spirit, a most wicked Earth was necessary to maintain a spiritual balance between wickedness and spiritual beauty was necessary. At any rate some selection process mandated a selection of this Earth from the possible innumerable Earths, due to the "worlds without number" statement in Moses Chapter 1. A rational that is not advanced is that this Earth was the best of all the other Earths and Jesus came here to reward the faithful.

Where this "wickedess Earth" thinking has come from is not clear. But some say it originates from a poem written during Joseph Smiths lifetime. Also, this poem is only used to defend the "wickedest Earth idea" when the promoter is challenged to prove its origin. Even so, this poem can be interpreted differently, according to your personal view point. If you ascribe to the early teachings of Brigham Young, the Poem is seen to support the teachings of Brigham; so, this poem is no proof of anything and only adds to the puzzling origin of this Wickedest Earth Idea. This poem seem to be difficult to obtain through regular church channels except from the advocates of the Wickedest Earth Idea.

The controversial teachings of Brigham Young concerning Michael are kept at bay by restricting the gospel scope to 'this Earth only'. But the advancers of the 'Wickedest Earth Ideas' are unaware of this scope or are in defiance of this policy to confine gospel research to this Earth only. A continued adherence of 'Wickedest Earth Ideas' will bring back the teachings of Brigham Young concerning Adam and Michael, if this 'Wickedest Earth Idea' is not checked. Of course, some will welcome back the original teachings of Brigham with open arms; but, others will be stunned again, as was some of their predecessors before when it was openly taught in the 1850's.

Beside the foregoing consequence what other affect or effect does the 'Wickedest Earth Idea' have on the gospel of Christ?

First difficulty, it presents, is that a spirit child of God can obtain Godhood without a body and a test on an Earth. Jesus was foreordained and sealed to His future due to his outstanding excellence in the pre-existence. But for Jesus to achieve the power and capacity of God before He is resurrected presents great problems to the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young concerning the law of eternal progression. If Jesus was a God before He was born of Mary, then He is advancing by different rules and laws than we as the common children of God. If He has different rules and laws then He cannot be the example we can follow as we must be going up a different way. Jesus is the truth, and the life and the way. But not the 'way' as we must pass tests and be proven during this Earth life before a resurrection and judgment. The 'idea' suggest that Jesus did not have a veil or a requirement to learn while on this Earth. How can we relate to one who does not have a veil and a lack of knowledge so that faith can be developed? What becomes of our example? How can we learn faith from one who never exercised faith because faith is not a perfect knowledge. Or how can a God have less than perfect knowledge? Or how do you put a veil on a God? Or how does a God forget all He was? Or how does a God become helpless and get circumcised and crucified? Or how does a God get thirsty and hungry? Or how does a God die?

All of these questions may produce knowledge if answered well but may take faith down if not answered correctly. It is very helpful to reveiw the entire plan of salvation and be clear on the relationship we have with God. And not worry about the salvation of people on another Earth beyond the family of our Adam. See 2 Nephi 9:21. All this is really not necessary if the 'Wickedest Earth Idea' promoters would follow the advice to keep the scope of the gospel to this Earth only.  

The obvious answer is that Jesus is Our Brother and He received a more excellent name. Yet He was born like we are born and He learned like we learn. And He grew in grace and stature before God and man. He completed His work and received the mantle of Jehovah and wrought the salvation of mankind. He succeeded in doing the will of the Father and will bring us all back if we will keep the commandments and covenants. Who is the God of the Old Testament? The same God as the God of the New Testament! When did Jesus become Jehovah? Somewhere in eternity. But who can understand eternity enough to point at the specific place.

The second answer is not so obvious but rather it is obscure. If you can explain the reason the scriptures reverse the order of references to Jesus Christ as Christ Jesus then the truth is plain and simple and the 'idea' disappears. Christ Jesus is He who is begotten of Mary. Jesus Christ has a stronger reference to the Universal Lamb who was slain from before the foundations of this world or Earth. More could be said on this matter but the subtle differences are not necessary for the present topic.

When Jesus talks of Himself He discribes Himself as meek and lowly of heart. Perhaps we can see His real identity in the following verses in the gospel of Mathew.

That which follows is a sermon of Brigham Young to prove that this Wickedest Earth Idea did not begin with Joseph Smith, or Brigham never listen to the words spoken at the feet of Joseph. Look for the following in the sermons context:

quote-- (Capitalization is for emphasis and not in the original text) --end quote
     Questions to reveal the fallacy of the Wickedest Earth Idea   

Was the Father Begotten before the Only Begotten Son?
Did the baby Jesus have a veil of forgetfulness?
Does God the Father love every one equally?
Who was the companion to Jehovah to create the Earth?
Did Jesus have the same free agency as we have?
Was Jesus human as we are?
Did Jesus need to be mortal? When did He need to be mortal?
Can Jesus do more with a body than he did without a body as a Spirit Son of God?
Why did Jesus have to come to an Earth?
Why did Jesus take upon him a body?
Why did Jesus keep his body?
With scriptures like (...) which says Jesus is Father of All,  
    Is He the Father of His Father?
    Is He the Father of Himself?
Who created our bodies?  
Who is the Father of Jesus's body?
What is the condescension of God?
What role did the Father have in the condescension?
Why did the Father introduce Jesus to Joseph Smith?
What is the purpose of the Millienal Reign of Christ?
Are all the Earth(s)s created equal?
Is the same gospel on each of these Earth(s)?
Does an Adam start the population for each Earth?