Futurlogics is a Thinking System and a Method of Research using the minds reaction to the future. This is the system of research used to investigate the unknown by developing the natural intuition in all of us.

History as a point of reference for charting the course ahead is obsolete. Soon absolutes will become mere variables. New tools are needed to prepare for the times ahead.

Futurlogics is an expanding spiral of thought to organize and systemize all the principles of thinking future through DMP.

Predicting, preparing, and planning with the understanding gained through reading this handbook will liberate the mind to think as it should.


Side by Side Comparison

The de Bono hats system of thinking employs three tiers of six components namely:

(NOTE: An oversight by Dr. Edward deBono is that the RED,YELLOW,GREEN HATS are essentially Right Brain(enlightenment,eclectic) type of thinking and the BLACK,WHITE, BLUE HAT are essentially Left Brain(truth,continuous,linear) type of thinking. It looks as if he has them mixed on the cover of his book. The exception to this is that the facet of Blue Hat that deals with metacognition is both Right and Left brained at once. Yet, they are artificially define metaphors, and may not represent this model.)

        These tiers are bipolar in that they will retreat to a zone of action.  The WHITE THINKING HAT lives in informational sources RED THINKING HAT lives in opinion, intuition, art.  The BLACK THINKING HAT demands the "letter of the law" and fears the consequences of breaking rules and restraints of  safety; and, the YELLOW THINKING HAT expects the "spirit of the law" and looks for intents rather than deeds.  The GREEN THINKING HAT explores the edge of the map breaks trails, creates options, expands choices, generates new ideas, efficiency is measured in the number of new ideas produced where the BLUE THINKING HAT generalizes thought and consciousness is organized  and systematized in one concerted focus, assimilates new ideas and efficiency is measured in terms of thought control.

        The FUTURLOGICS system of thinking by james n. hall is not polar but rather is complementary of a holistic method/model.  They are all directed to one end which is DMP : (D)irect (M)ind (P)erception and (D)irect (M)ental (P)rocess.  There are six modes/models in FUTURLOGICS.

(D)irect (M)ind (P)erception represents enlightenment in consciousness. (D)irect (M)ental (P)rocess  represents reason in truth.

 Everything is directed to DMP in the FUTURLOGICS system.

                                    TRUTH and LIGHT
             TRUTH is knowledge of FUTURE     LIGHT is principles of intelligence
             TRUTH is knowledge of PRESENT    LIGHT is intuition and insight
             TRUTH is knowledge of PAST       LIGHT is logic and reason

 PAST: Retrospective mode.............Absolute future
 PRESENT: Observational mode..............Natural future
 FUTURE: Model mode.....................Paradigm future

INTUITION and INSIGHT: Imaginary mode................Imaginary future
LOGIC and REASON: Assumptive mode..............Artificial future
PRINCIPLES of INTELLIGENCE: Creative mode.................Synthetic future

        The future in FUTURLOGICS is used as a provocation to thought and as a leveler to dogma and academic impedance to new thought and ideas. The future as total abstraction develops the mind to deal with things that are purely mental and subject to reason and intuition.  It is a natural "brain storm".  And finally the future is a short reference to all the things and events that we have yet to learn and experience and it is the frontier on the mind.  Everywhere future is mentioned think the unknown or the vista of our method.

        There are clear difference between FUTURLOGICS and "Six Thinking Hats" of Dr. de Bono.

Quote Dr. de Bono.

Quote Mr. Hall

Quote Dr. de Bono.

Quote Mr. Hall

Quote Dr. de Bono.

Quote Mr. Hall

Quote Dr. de Bono.

Quote Mr. Hall

Final Differences:

Dr Edward de Bono states that: "The main purpose of thinking is to abolish thinking".

The FUTURLOGICS' attitude is that: The purpose(s) of thinking is/are to discover the unknown and to acquire foreknowledge and to prepare the mind for understanding and all this/these holistically to enhance further thinking. Or, simply the purpose of thinking is to improve the minds' capability of thinking and knowing. Or, even simpler the purpose of thinking is to prepare the mind to learn.

The modes in FUTURLOGICS originate from personal living and experience or orgainic sources such as memory ,senses, imagination, thought, manipulative skills of the hands , expectation. Holistic thinking or DMP is the ideal or synthesis these "natural modes".

The modes in "Six Thinking Hats" originate from a type of group conditioning or learning the rules of a game for social convenience and control . Simplified, modal thinking is "reached for" with analysis as a supervision principle.

The six modes in FUTURLOGICS are the results of six cycles of thinking that are organically produced from common sense. Examples:

Metacognition is thinking about thinking, but FUTURLOGICS is thinking about forethinking or prospective thinking.

The six modes in "Six Thinking Hats" are artificially assigned and trained into the thinking culture through rules and games. It must be learned through group interaction even though it is claimed that a Hat can be signaled by oneself to use one of the Hats. Actually the artificiality of the Hats is considered a positive feature of the "Six Thinking Hats" System.

Quote " Six Thinking Hats ". < Artificiality from Summary Page 199 >

Quote " Six Thinking Hats ". Argument thinking from Summary Page 173

Example of a Blue Hat structuring of artificially define "Hats" is as follows:

Example of a FUTURLOGICS organically defined prospective thinking is as follows:


Again: FUTURLOGICS is both synthetic (Model) and analytic (modal)   where "Six Thinking Hats" is primarily analytic except when the   map and its colors are allowed to come together in a mixture.


FUTURLOGICS key points:

Here are FUTURLOGICS  parallel thinking modes/models :

  1. Retrospective mode ... Absolute future

  2. Observational mode ... Natural future

  3. Imaginary mode ... Imaginary future

  4. Assumptive mode ... Artificial future

  5. Creative mode ... Synthetic future

  6. Model mode ... Paradigm future

Spectrum of FUTURLOGICS  parallel thinking modes/models :

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