FUTURLOGICS a system of prospective thinking:
Futurlogics is a Thinking System and a Method of Research using the minds reaction to the belief in the future.

Teaching the Future to the Non-Futurist
Exploring the Methods to Teach the Skeptical to Search the Future.

Preaching vs Teaching explained:

Preaching's end goal is to bring the hearer to a place where they can be further taught.
Teaching's end goal is to bring the student mind to the place where the teacher is.

Preliminary requirements needed before you teach:

General Principles of Teaching Outlined:

Much could be gained through teaching the general properties and characteristics of the future; afterward, we may be in a better position to teach the more difficult aspects of the future. teach in the most general of terms. Use what they already know, to expand their consciousness and awareness realize the difficulty of unlearning. the generalist or futurist must supported and strengthened until they can be on their own and return the favor.

Teach them to Discern the origin of any idea, notion, or feeling is as the key to accurate prediction. Teach to Tracing each idea to the mode in which we are thinking will develop this ability.

Teach thorough understanding of the ways people think about the future and how it can help us avoid the pitfalls inherent in undertaking the prediction of the future.

Teach explain in their spare moments in a relaxed state.

Use what they already know of the future you wish to communicate.

Talk about their feelings of future events and capitalize upon them.

Get them to guess where it is non-committal and safe as a brainstorm session.

Use metaphor, simile and minimal specifics.

Don't criticize (ridicule) their efforts ever.

Trace back to the origin of their insight notions intuitions their first reactions.

Get them in a good mood after they have eaten etc.

Be humble and respective of their position and work area.

See the overall mission of the organization and it's function.

Respect new opinions and be merciful to stupid ideas as they are often “birth pang” of the final product.

Have ready all data and facts and origin of ideas never take credit of other ideas and contributions.

Believe in the potential of your students and realize you are also a student to the future forever.

Be hopeful always past failures are learning events not victimizations.

Make forward-thinking a happy time.

Teach the art of productive assumption.


The forward-thinking mind should be the goal of all persons who wish to develop their entire mind. As paradoxical as it is, the conscious, logical process is a block to prediction unless the system of Futurlogics is used. Since the future is often a new and different thing, the best way to face it is through the intuitive faculties we possess.

Ultimately the future must be internalized and a matter of the self teaching principle .

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