Definition of Futurlogics

A System of Prospective Thinking © 1983 © 2013

      • Predicting the future is impossible only when perfection or accuracy is required.

      • The future as a study will heal many wounds of the past.

      • Make to yourself friends with the future and you will be free to discover how to think and gain knowledge.

      • Understanding the future what ever it is, is the final frontier of man.

      • The future is a mystery just in front of us.

      • If our children are our future, then our parents are our past. What shall we make of our now?

      • Seeking to understand the past develops the intellect; Seeking to understand the future develops intelligence; Seeking to understand the present expands awareness.

      • The future is a game we must all play.

      • Some parts of the future may never happen if one prepares.

      • Yogi Berra once said, "It's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future."

      • Current Events form Future Trends.
        ~Gerald Celente

      • “A focus on the future is relevant to all learners, regardless of age."
        ~Alvin Toffler 1974

      • “Any useful statement about the futures should appear to be ridiculous.”
        ~Jim Dator University of Hawaii

      • “The future will always surprise us, but we must not let it dumbfound us.”
        ~Kenneth Boulding

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