• The larger the world we find our selves, the smaller our identity in that world.

  • Accurate polls predict, where inaccurate polls propagandize.

  • When things go into chaos, you can not predict the outcome. ~Glenn Beck

  • The deeper the denial, the greater the awakening will be.

  • The future is a game we must all play.

  • History should be reviewed not relived.

  • One persons proof is another persons puzzle.
    One persons certainty is another persons crisis.
    One persons surety is another persons shyness.

  • Willful ignorance is most difficult to unlearn .

  • Some politicians empower freedom. But other politicians make kings.

  • Those who say, "I have nothing to hide" should do well to reexamine their buttons, latches, catches, snaps and zippers.

  • Prudence provides privacy: Justice judges jeopardy: Wisdom waits welfare.

  • The problem with politics is that it is "plight-ical."

  • Beware of false prophets displaying a sheepskin.

  • There are no small things, just things undone. ~Dr. Nick Begich.

  • Without the freedom to think all the other liberties matter not at all ~Dr. Nick Begich.

  • The abundance of plunder is short lived.

  • Talent faked is soon discovered.

  • Some futurist are but soothsayers reading the clouds; other futurist are beginning their baby steps towards prophecy.

  • Current Events form future trends. ~Gerald Celente

  • Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. – Vince Lombardi

  • The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
    We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
    We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking
    we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century
    demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the
    world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives." ~Albert Einstein

  • Hindsight has so often accused me of my foolishness.

  • Plagierism is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Ignorance is blistering.

  • You must first retain common sense before you can learn to be a generalist:
    you must first learn to be a generalist before you can become a futurist:
    you must first learn to be a futurist before you can be a prophet:
    you must first learn to be a prophet before you can be a seer.

  • To learn, to do, to imagine, to judge, to create, to dream, to become or not, that is the question.

  • During times of confusion or when all things are in commotion, strengthen your heart.

  • The Earth is not overpopulated, it is just underwatered.

  • Predicting the future is impossible only when perfection or accuracy is required.

  • Change the world by first secretly changing for the better, something within yourself.

  • The opposite of synergy is the deceived decieving others with good intentions.

  • A spider in the garden has a place; a spider in the house must be displaced.

  • Innovate out of debt.

  •  Learn at your own pace, any other pace is propaganda..

  • Truth never changes just our knowledge of the TRUTH changes. -- Jason Hall

  • God is never in a hurry He is free. Man will be free when he is not in a hurry.

  • Education is being stuffed with other peoples ideas. Creativity is being fulfilled in your own ideas.

  • Metacognition is the science of science even metascience.

  • Truth is a faithful companion and good company.

  • Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. - Anna Freud

  • Metacognition without insight and intuition is just reflection.

  • I love innovation when first encountered it's like inspiration.

  • We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. John Naisbitt

  • Creativity is at once working with great energy to make things easier with less energy.

  • The good thing about education is that it forces us to learn things we do not want to learn; the bad thing about education is that it forces us to learn things we do not want to learn.

  • Now strange words simply puzzle us; ordinary words convey only what we know already; it is from metaphor that we can best get hold of something fresh. -- Aristotle

  • The scientific method fails to study the mind, the future or even itself.

  • The opposite of denial is prayer.

  • Confusion can take two forms one leads to enlightenment and the other to confound.

  • The future as a study will heal many wounds of the past.

  • The intelligence of man is increased by learning to fear God.

  • Intelligent disobedience--brings salvation as nobody can save you but yourself; therefore, ultimately obedience to self preceeds all else.

  • It is just as difficult to be a master, when before you have always been a slave, as it is to be a slave, when before you have always been a master.

  • It is not only hard to teach intuition: it is worthy to be called impossible. ~Keith Bingham

  • Evil is making free agency the end rather than the means to the end.

  • The most human thing we do is generate ideas; creativity is fun.

  • Sometimes the question is the answer.

  • Creativity requires one make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

  • Only a lie needs to be be proven, if the truth is self-evident.

  • All mismanagement stems from making your subordinates dispensable. All mismanagement comes from making supervision indispensable. Ultimate progress is training your own replacement.

  • A free people progress only through moral value.

  • Make to yourself friends with the future and you will be free to discover how to think and gain knowledge.

  • Truth no matter how painful to realize is always refreshing.

  • People believe what they want them to believe.

  • Are you motivated by fear, duty, love, delight, glory. They are not the same. Life without delight or glory is less than creative.

  • Some solutions are like seeing the forest from the trees; others, are like seeing the swarm from the bees. Worse still you can't see the forest from the bees.

  • Seeking to understand the past develops the intellect; Seeking to understand the future develops intelligence; Seeking to understand the present expands awareness.

  • Understanding the future what ever it is, is the final frontier of man.

  • Contoversy hides the gate to higher knowledge and the door to light. Do not take sides in a controversy but rather get above it and learn what is hidden.

  • As IF, enables the brainstorm; even more so WHEN, empowers prediction.

  • Make your message greater than the messenger.

  • Metaphors are useful lies.

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood. ~Steven R. Covey

  • Let the authority of dogma be truth and let the credibility of doctrine be enlightened common sense.

  • The Self Teaching Principle is the boot strap to the upper levels of consciousness.

  • If I had a choice between religion and understanding, I would choose understanding.

  • Children can learn anything if given enough time to play.

  • On thoughts, not points; but, vistas, please.

  • Faith is how we deal with infancy.

  • Time is relative motion compared. -- Futurlogics

  • Truth is knowledge spanning the continuum of time: Light is principles of mind illuminating consciousness.

  • If our children are our future, then our parents are our past. What shall we make of now?

  • It is not the survival of the fittest; but, rather the survival of that which best fits.

  • Liberal education is a contradiction of terms.

  • Beware of good answers that put the mind asleep!

  • The generalist in never bored; but, the specialist is ever bored outside the specialty.

  • ORIGIN or DESTINY are two ideas or concepts that will fascinate man with mystery until he discovers them.

  • Man was born a generalist; but, civilization make a specialist of him.

  • Imagination is more important than knowledge -- Albert Einstein

  • You can judge a man by his assumptions.

  • Self education is not to be a harsh discipline but a positive addiction. (paraphrased from William Glassers term)

  • People want simplicity when it goes with what they want; otherwise they want complexity.

  • The greatest invention of the nineteenth century was the invention of the method of invention -- Alfred North Whitehead

  • Life is habit forming.

  • I have not had time to go to school; I am too busy learning what school does not teach.

  • It takes a lifetime to know a moment of confusion; and, a moment to know a lifetime of simplicity. The mark of genius is to take the beads of complexity and tie them with the single thread of simplicity.

  • Futurlogics DMP is when you realize that the most valuable possession you have is imagination.

  • The basis of all inspiration is to witness the "impossible" accomplished at the right time.

  • Mysteries spark the mind with imaginative flame and is necessary for complete mental development.
    Mysteries are needed to excite life.

  •  The future is a mystery just in front of us.


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