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Prediction Technique
Using The Fluoride Controversy

by jame n. hall
copyright © 2001 by Self Teaching Publications all rights reserved

Even though, there are exceptions, it is useful to start the predictive process
with a controversy.  By so doing, one practices the unbiased perspective necessary
for the predictive mind set.

First let us take a neutral view or focus on the controversy of fluoridation of
Municipal Water Supplies.

Dental Advocates extol Fluoridation as a tooth decay preventive.  Others
see Fluoridation as essential mineral or health supplement.  There are
Doctors who use fluoride compounds and salts in chemotherapy and certain
treatment of some health disorders.  Good teeth will help the overall
health and is well worth  the side effects.
Pro Fluoride

Fluoride is a poison and has accumulative side effects.  Life is shortened
by a percentage relative to exposure.  Fluoride replaces iodine in the body
mineral needs and attacks essential enzymes needed to live.  Bones become
brittle thickened.  Teeth become brittle and discolored.  Malnutrition will 
accentuates toxic effects fluoride salts compounds.  Fluoride reduces brain 
functions and compromises brain blood barrier.  Good teeth come from good
health practices.  Fluoride attacks thyroid activity.  Fluoride leeches
heavy metal from water conduits and amalgam in dental fillings to pass
through blood brain barriers to contaminate the living tissues.
The third vial mentioned in the bible to pollute the fresh water as Wormwood.
Against Fluoride

Reason: Controversy persists due to lack of definitive studies and certified
research and dilution.  Ignorance and misinformation will perpetuate controversy.  
Long standing use in some communities with naturally occurring fluoride is cited
as proof there is no harm yet no comparative studies between fluoridated and
not fluoridated communities are funded.

History:  Fluoride is a native element existing on earth from beginning of
existence.  Highly reactive chemically.

Observation: Fluoride readily combines with other elements. Fluorine gas
will kill or injure.  Fluoride is released in many industrial processes.
Calcium Fluoride is the naturally occurring form in water.  Sodium Fluoride
is the artificially introduced form in the water. Also fluorsilisic asid is
not used as it is abundant by product of industrial waste.  Stannuous Fluoride 
is or was and alternative in toothpaste.  Other flouride compounds and salts 
used in insecticides and poisons and herbicides.  HF acid eats glass and
cement and rocks etc.

Observation:  Air conditioner with evaporative water coolers will be toxic due 
to fluoride salt/acid residue as the evaporation distill the water containing
fluoride salt/acid.

Observation: Some persons with no fluoride have perfect teeth.  Suggesting
that fluoride is either not necessary or bad teeth is a genetic trait or
a matter of health practices.

Observation: If fluoride salt or acid is a toxic substance, it must be 
released in to the environment below allowable limits or is will be costly to
dump or dispose. Currently it is allowable by the EPA to release fluoride if 
it is 4 parts per million or less.  Thus great quantities can be release if 
diluted enough.  Thus millions of tons can be release through great dilution.  
Thus water supplier make profitable the addition of fluoride waste to water 
rather that the expensive handling of toxins in environmental dumps.  Thus 
"Big Money" will be behind the advocacy of putting it into water release
programs.  (this observation was added 12/09/2003)

Imagination:  We are free to take fluoride or leave it.  

Artificial Future:  Beautiful teeth is the aesthetic motive.  Distrust of 
motives of government certifications is motive for distortion.  Great pain
is associated with teeth caries.

Assumptions:  Due to ignorance of the side effects, long term exposure or 
absence of fluoride is not harmful or not necessary.

Assumptions:  Due to ignorance of the side effects, long term exposure or
absence fluoride can not be assumed harmless or necessary.

Assumptions:  Topical use of fluoride on teeth suggest systemic use is

Assumptions:  We do not need to brush our teeth, if we have a fluoride intake.
(this Assumption was added 12/09/2003)

Creative:  Industrial products today use fluoride in pan coatings and
lubricants and drugs and herbicides.

Future paradigm:  At some point in the future there will be a full 
disclosure of the effects of Fluoride in the Water.  There are two logical 

   1.  Fluoride in right dosage will help the health.
   2.  Fluoride is toxic at any dosage.

Consequences for possibility one: 

   1.  All water will be fluoridated in precision and in modern water supplies.
   2.  All food products will be required to regulate precise fluoride content
       and will be so labeled per below:
         "All sources of fluoride must be evaluated with a thorough fluoride 
          history. If fluoride level is unknown, drinking water must be tested
          for fluoride content before supplements are prescribed." 
          (Journal of the American Dental Association, 126:19-S, June, 1995.) 

Consequences for possibility two: 

   1.  Public denial will create vociferous demonstrations and will become a
       political issue.  The action of mental denial will cause that greater proof
       will be necessary to reverse the  policy of fluoridation.  What woman 
       wants to realize that she has been poisoning her children as the 
       administration of fluoride was intended to be a benefit to the teeth? 
   2.  Legislation to ban fluoride pollution and water treatments with fluoride.
       Clean water will cost more due to regulation to remove water contaminates.
   3.  Damaged people will sue and seek reparations from those who have forced
       them to drink or take fluoridated products.

Time-line: When will the decision point occur?  Probably within 5 years.  
This an intuitive guess based upon the percentage of people in both camps.  
Fluoridation is in major population centers as of now with exceptions of
note.  The internet may bring this in closer but the government can not
react on any information within 5 years unless it gets high priority
or a  political spotlight.  A sign that this is coming is that the usual
method of getting communities to put fluoride in water by vote will be by
either judicial activism or legislation activism of lobby groups.  Of
resent there have been attempts to force communities to fluoridate by
making laws that all water sources be fluoridated even though locally
voted  down.  This is a sign that greed knows no bounds.

Summary:  Futurlogics outlines the research methods and models here and can
give structure to predicting the future within the realms of controversy.
DMP is the choice between the controversy's bipolar setting.  DMP stimulates
solution to controversy by definition.

created May, 2001
 Post Script I: April 2002:  There will be a discovery soon that those persons
with a natural immunity to tooth decay will be harmed by fluoridation as the
very enzymes that prevent these fortunate persons from getting decay will in
fact now be susceptible to tooth decay as  systemic fluoridation will lower
this immunity by damaging these enzymes.  It will be summarized that these
natural decay fighters should never be exposed to fluoride to prevent tooth
damage!  I have a personal case in point.  My sons all have no decay as do
my daughters.  But one of my sons decided to whiten his teeth by a fluoride
agent.  The teeth became whiter and shortly there after he had three teeth
with decay.  A word too wise is sufficient.

 Post Script II: July 2002:  Even if there is overwhelming evidence concerning
fluoride there will be  perpetual adherence due to denial or conformity among
those in denial.  It will be hard to accept and admit that their position is
now been reversed.  This is true of any controversy reversal and and can be
set as rule of very controversial oppositions.  No one likes to admit that they have
harmed their innocent children by not providing the best for them.  This will be
a hard pill to swallow for the emotionally involved.  Be prepared to accept the
the outcome.  It is not meet to continue the controversy in the face of truth.

Additional Research on Fluoride

Post Script III: August 2002:  It will be proven that fluoride in the water 
will cause people to gain weight in the form of fat.  This may be due to the
fluoride replacing iodine in the human biology.  This could be proven now by
comparing un-fluoridated areas with fluoridated areas.  But the conspiracy is
well financed and hard facts are not published to the voting public.

Post Script IV: August 2002:  It will be proven that Mercury in the dental 
amalgam will be connected with allergies and hay-fever in some persons sensitive
to mercury liberated with fluoride chemistry in the mouth. This an easy prediction
as  the author who has experienced over 40 years of hay-fever and allergies who 
now no longer has  summer allergies due to having all metal containing mercury 
removed and replaced with dental composite resin. 

Post Script V: January 2011 Government agency recommends reducing the amount of
fluoride in water injection and naturally occurring.  This is seen by some as
an acknowledgement of fluorosis.  Europe has discontinued fluoride completely in
early 1970's. These events are a bellwether of things to come.
Post Script VI: March 10, 2015 connection to ADHD link published in NEWSWEEK

Additional Research on Fluoride at http://www.newsweek.com/water-fluoridation-linked-higher-adhd-rates-312748     

Whether or not fluoridated compounds and salts will protect the teeth is irrelevant to the bigger picture of paranoia. The future will bring great changes due to the break through knowledges. Such as for instances designer drugs, diseases, viruses, etc. If eugenics is a threat or ethnic cleansing is a threat the the real danger to the paranoid is that the dispersal units of public water systems used to administer the fluoridated salts, acids, or compounds for the (possible benefit) of the children's teeth can be used to administer the designer toxins of the future to control human population and conditions through specific DNA targeted dosages into the water system. This will be the result if the force medication program from dumping waste fluoride into the water.

If I were asked to state one cause and one cause only to not fluoridate it is that it will be in place to be MISUSED as science develops designer DNA specific compounds and DNA specific virulence.

Civilization begins by having pure drinkable water that contributes to health and does not contain any additive. Conversely Civilization breaks down by dirty water. Dirty water is the 'wormwood' that will contaminate the rivers of the earth as spoken in the Revelations.

                                   Revelation 8:10
          10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from
          heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third
          part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
                                   Revelation 8:11
          11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third
          part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the
          waters, because they were made bitter.

The idea that a toxin to the human tissue in one dosage is a 'nutrient' at another dosage is a toxin needs further research. If it is true that we can overdose even with good food and our bodies then take the excess as a fat or a partially digested food matter which could be detrimental to health, then maybe any thing poisonous if in small enough proportions is worth the side-effects. The fluoridation of water fits into the above kind of reasoning. One needs to have proven that fluoridation is an essential 'nutrient' or 'essential mineral' but no agency responsible wants to make a stand on this matter. The fact that fluoride seeks calcium to form a salt CaFl that is part of or bones teeth and tissue needs to be proven as beneficial to life. Fluoride tends to replace Iodine in the body where it is really known that Iodine is essential to the lifes operations. Anyone with Iodine deficiency cannot do well with fluoridated water. Also the breast glands are Mineral seeking to supply the baby with the building blocks of life. Some studies have shown that fluoride hardens and inhibits the breast glands from doing this job. Now fluoride interfere with life at the start. (It may well be proven in the future that Breast cancer is greater in fluoridated areas). Dentist are now admitting that fluoride is most effective when topically applied. When this truth is fully developed no ingested fluoride will be recommended. Children are not born with teeth therefore children do not have anything but side-effects with ingested fluoride. This suggest that mothers who are nursing should not drink fluoridated water. also infant formulas should be made with clean non-fluoridated water. I predict that like all new medical advances have left behind old medicine, fluoridated water will be left behind as an evidences of our ignorance and lack of understanding. There will be continual battle with those opposed to forced fluoridation of water and those who justify the addition of fluoride for the benefit of a few who are believing that fluoride is a protection of teeth and feel the side-effect are to be ignored as a necessary taxing of the health to reap the greater benefits of 'no cavities' in the teeth.

October 1,2003 begins the fluoridation of the Salt Lake Valley Water Supply. Since the inhabitance of the Great Salt Lake Basin live in a basin with no outlet, there will be no drainage to the injected fluoride and will accumulate to a super toxic level at some point in the future. Some 2500 tons of fluoride acid will be put into this Basin per year. "Salt Lake County use of culinary water averages 314,000 acre-feet per year. To this water will be added 5 million lbs. of 'fluoride' per year. We are deliberately creating the same kind of problem acknowledged by Kennecott as far as sulfates are concerned, which will cost $100 million to clean up." per Wendy Silver article of the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club.

December 2, 2014 Tuesday, If the plaque in the veins and arteries is calcified with calcium and the calcium is joined with fluoide the plaque will be more difficult to biodegrade without breaking down the calcium fluoride bond. Solution stop all fluoride intake and other contributors to plaque to give the body to degrade this bond. In other words, fluoride may be a direct contributor to cardio-vascular problems.

Oh foolish Mormon who hath counseled you to bring this upon your heads.

In Mexico the public water is distained unless filtered or boiled. They truly use bottled water for health reasons. There fluoride is included now in the SALT. Beware of legislation leading to this insidious method of distributing fluoride to the pretended benefit of teeth. It is difficult to find the other salt but is available if search for by the name SAL NATURAL. date 2013

The beginning of civilization is to find clean pure water.

All you need to do to destroy a civilization is to remove clean pure water.

When our rain is polluted then there will be no rainbows in the sunshine.